Sep 29, 2012

Blind Croppers

It's a bit like that saying...."you really should have been there!"  We secretly decided to turn the tables on the girls at RetreatVille, and give them a Blind CropVille run by Sally, but they already knew!  My goodness, what fun, and by that I mean what fun I had watching!!  A fair amount of whip-cracking was undertaken, we ran out of Naughty Corners (it didn't help that we had one reserved for Heather, and she wasn't even there!...). 

At the end of the night we had successfully achieved (photographic proof of) completed Blind RV Layouts. I really think the photos of the girls scrapping same would have been better to upload, but I don't respond very well to threats of bodily harm......  therefore we have a few layouts to share instead!  Enjoy!
Go Army!! by Delsie Mowbray
Crouching Tiger by Zan Boyle
Dive by Leigh Morris
Summer Holiday by Lynn Winfield
Camping by Max Rusk
Wedding by Beth Metcalf
Lots of fun was had by all.  The girls had to choose all their bits and pieces from their own stash, so I think they all did a pretty good job.  You can see these and more at Scrapville and in the Window of Fame.  Thanks for running the Blind RV Sally.

Our next in-store Blind Cropville is on Saturday, 8th October.  There are 2 classes, one at 2.30pm and one at 7pm.  Bookings are essential and the list of requirements will be uploaded to the sidebar on the Blog under Blind Cropville.



Anita said...

Wow it looks like you girls had lots of fun ,love all the pages...

Sal said...

It's mazing what treasures you can come up with at a Blind Crop! Well done was loads of fun!