Oct 29, 2011


Yes, we're doing it again girls - ScrapBursts!!  
For the month of November we are going to be running with 4 ScrapBursts, so dig deep and get into that stash, pop into Scrapville and top up your supplies, and lets find that mojo to get your creativity flowing.  You will have until 30th November to complete your challenges.
Only one layout will be accepted for each ScrapBurst
There will be a Prize Pack up for grabs in each ScrapBurst.
Winners will be selected by the Creative Team, and announced on 2nd December.


This layout is to incorporate Metals - this can be embellishments, metal foil, charms - as long as there is a healthly balance on the page you'll be ok.

Ah Ha - and it can be by hand or machine, as long as we have at least 25% of stitching used on your layout, which is more than just the border girls, so get creative!

Ok, following the list you will need to have ALL of the following incorporated into your layout:
1 x bling shape/pattern/word
2 x photos 
3 x frames
4 x patterned papers
5 x brads
    This layout is to incorporate Embossed Papers, whether you add them or emboss your own.  Your layout must include at least 1/3 of EMBOSSED paper/s.

    There we have it, your 4 ScrapBursts for November.  The Creative Team girls have been busy as well working on samples to inspire you with your challenges.  Below are a taste of the first few that I'd like to share with you.
    Key to my Heart by Sally Clark (CT)
    SB #1 Metals
    Sally has used a metal bookplate, key charm, photo holders, heart brad and silver brads.  Sally has used the cut out frame to tie in the punched background hearts that were scattered over the page and then sprayed with Glimmer Mist.
    A closer look at the brads bordering the heart frame.  Added also is the stamped words and flourishes.
    The brass bookplate with it's stamped images, held in place with brass brads.
    My New Sewing Machine by Sally Clark (CT)
    SB #2 Stitching
     ...I think we've covered the 25% bit, don't you?  I can see all the Blind CropVille girls looking at this having a Pink Fit!!   The question is, should they be scared???
    Hand and machine stitching here, with a bit of metal bling and buttons.  This one is also telling the Blind CropVille girls to "Wing It"........ well that's what I saw!
    Sally has also used a few decorative picks, and the standard issue sewing pin on her layout, with the entire page bordering the photo of her snazzy new machine.
     A sample of the decorative stitching easily adapted for borders.  Nice work Sally.
    Love by Sally Clark (CT)
    SB #3 Numbers
     5 Brads, 4 Patterned Papers, 3 Frames, 2 Photos and 1 Bling Word.
    Here we can see the 1 Bling Word, 4 Patterned Papers, 3 Frames... above & below.
     The other 2 Frames and the 2 Photos...

    Ok, that's enough to start with.  You have untilthe endo of November to get your ScrapBurst Challenges in, with a Prize Packs up for grabs in each one.  Good luck everyone, and have fun!!

    Sneaking a few more in..

    Sneaking in before the end of October we have a few more layouts to share.  For those still creating, you have until Pumpkin Time on 31st October to get your challenges in.
    Dylan and Goofy by Sally Clark (CT)
    Sally has worked on bringing out the reds in this layout, using the pastel greens to compliment a layered photo background.  The buttons and bunting set a nice balance, and I would just love to see the now 6'2" Dylan siding up beside Goody for a contrast snap!!
    Who doesn't love a bit of bunting?  Simply ink the edges, pierce holes in the corner and thread with twine/string/cotton.
    These buttons are so easy to dress up using chip shapes, covering with your patterned papers, a splash of Dimensional Magic, and a little stitching...
    Derby General Store by 'Zan Boyle
    This photo sits so well on this page with it's mix of patterns and borders.  The hand made flower and mounted butterflies add a nice soft feel to it.
    KCF Lovin' Pelican by 'Zan Boyle
    'Zan has used some hand written strip journaling to tell her story about this page. Working with the red background also, 'Zan has made the frame her focus, with co-ordinating strips of patterned paper, layered flowers and a touch of stamping.  KFC should be happy, looks like he opted for take away....  

    Thanks for sharing girls, and well before Pumpkin Time too.

    October Sketch Layouts

    Hi Everyone, just sharing some more October/November Sketch Challenges.  Still plenty of time before the pumpkin strikes on November 14th......
    Crazy Boy by Sally Clark (CT)
    I love how this has all come together, the star theme, the colours and the scalloped border on the photos. 
    Sal has also added star brads onto the top of the stars before mounting them up, with the mini alphas telling the story.
    The Jillibean Soup alphas look great stuck onto cardstock then trimmed up.  The colour ties in nicely with the photos too.
    Sofala by 'Zan Boyle
    Every picture really does tell a story when it comes to 'Zan's layouts.  You not only see and learn a bit more about this wonderful country of ours as 'Zan and husband Steve relive the journey, but you see it through the eyes of someone else.  The buttons, lace and sparkly webbing add a bit of a country feel, and tie in the neutral colour theme.

    Thanks for sharing girls, and keep them coming - there's still time...

    Oct 27, 2011

    More October Layouts

    Hi Everyone, well there's been some busy people out there working away on their Monthly Challenge Packs.  It really is good to see how much everyone is getting out of their packs each month, resulting in at least two layouts finished each month, not counting the extra cards as well.  Well done girls, and keep an eye out for what else they have come up with!
    Summer Lovin' by Sam Epps (CT)
    Sam has used a bit of punching on her layout, with patterned paper circles and a punched doily.  Several of the circles have been hand stitched on the outside to bring more interest.
    Here we can see the depth in the striped bunting, the stitching and the doily.  The green flowers have also been layered, with a light sprinkle of butterflies! Well done Sam.
    My Three Boys by Sally Clark (CT)
    Sally has used an effective journaling method to border her layout.  The colour works in complimenting the red frame and hearts, and the border tells a story in itself.
    How nice does this border look by simply cutting the flowers in half?  Nice work Sal.  Also love the look of the Tiny Red Alpha's from AdornIt.
    A few more alphas and some nice gold threaded ribbon finish it off.  Well done girls for your wonderful creativity.


    Oct 26, 2011

    October Monthly Pack Challenges

    Today we have some challenges to share using "Clementine", our October Monthly Pack from Cosmo Cricket.  I hope you have been in to pick yours up as they are running out fast, and the month is coming to an end.
    Birthday Bike Ride Left Page by Sally Clark (CT)
     Right Page
    A look at the detail in the butterfly and flower embellishments below, layered and mounted up.

     And here's a look at the double layout with both pages together.
     Cottage Garden by 'Zan Boyle
     Here we can see all the detail of 'Zan's layering, with the added effect of some Dimensional Magic.
    There are lots of fussy cutting bits and pieces in this pack, as well as the sticker sheet, and these are great for making cards.  I'll be sharing more with you shortly.   

    Be sure to leave the girls a comment to let them know what inspires you about their work.


    Oct 23, 2011


    Hi Everyone, welcome to the BCV post for October.  This month the girls got to experience what the Cricut and i-Top can produce, as well as a bit more hands on distressing, but mainly with inks!  The colour combination may have thrown a few at first, but as always the end result prevailed for a beautiful layout class.  The girls were shown how to get a few more miles out of using embossed papers with distress inks, and what a great technique this is for all your vintage/heritage pages.  There are a few packs available for anyone interested in doing the class, just drop Janet a line or call into the shop.

    Scroll on down and check out what the girls have produced with these wonderful Parisian Anthology papers.
    Sally Clark (CT)

    This is one of the embossed images that has been inked with the distress ink.
    Here we have the brad covered with the embossed & inked paper, an embossed doiley, inked in blue, the Cricut shape blinged up, and a touch of paper distressing on the edges.
    Dot DeMarco
     Max Rusk
    Judith Young
    Julie Cawthrey
    Di Corbitt
    Nicole Carty
    Jennie Seal
    I will have  more layouts to share once the girls send in their photos.  Thanks again to Sally for another wonderful BCV, and thanks to Sally also from the girls for "no stitching....!"


    Oct 18, 2011

    First October Sketches

    Hi Everyone, well Deb has got off the mark pretty quick with her Sketch Challenges this month.  I would like to share with you these two lovely creations from Deb. These are the kind of Sketches Deb likes to use often, as they are easily adapted to differing themes.

    Paradise by Deb Clark

    Dream Card by Deb Clark
    I am sure Deb will get much use out of these Sketches over and over again as they are such a versatile design.  Thanks for sharing Deb, they've come up treat.


    Oct 15, 2011

    October / November Sketch Challenges

    Hi Everyone, and welcome to another month of Challenges at Scrapville.  Here we have the latest Layout and Card Skech to get your creativity into gear whilst the boys are watching the Bikes at Phillip Island!  You have until the 14th November at Pumpkin Time to see them completed and sent in.  You Challenge must resemble the Sketch and it's elements, and the Sketch itself can be turned or flipped to give you more scope.
    Good luck everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create!


    Oct 14, 2011

    Sally's Close Shave...

    Hello everyone, well it's time for a bit of an update without the scrapping.  For some time now we have been telling you all about one of our Creative Team members and her desire to help the leukemia foundation's fundraising efforts by participating in the Worlds Greatest Shave.
     Originally we were going to do this at RetreatVille, but like most well laid plans it wasn't to be. A little more jigging and planning and guess what? - she had it in the hat!

    Sally has put her hair on the chopping block to help raise funds for this very worthy cause.  With raffles and street stalls, plant sales, auctions and on-line donations Sally has been able to exceed her expected thresh-hold by raising an amazing total of just under $6000.00.   Not only has she been able to contribute such a generous figure, but she is also donating her hair to a wigmaker who will make sure it goes towards providing a much needed boost for some special little people.

    What a mammoth effort, and how fortunate were my family and I to be there to watch these lovely long locks get the chop.  I would like to share a few photos from the day, and congratulate Sally for her selfless, and very generous efforts.  Apologize I must, however, as I looked high and I looked low but do you think I could find a knitted tea cozy for the occasion??  Our little woolen beanie would have to do.... 

    1.Final draws for the raffle and an auction to "see" who will run with the clippers...
     2. But first, lets get the hair up, with the help of sister Bethy.  Note the sheer panic on Sally's face as Beth says: "Hey look Sal, isn't that Chopper Reid?"...
    3. Ohhhhhhhh, how nice and long has Sally's hair grown!
    4. Congratulations went to the nice Blind Man with the scissors as he is assisted to remove the plait.................... ok, he's not Blind, but he is very nice!
    5. "The hair or the money......."
    6. It seems Sally doesn't want to let either go, but quite frankly I'd be more worried about the Kenworth bloke Driving the Clippers!
    7. "How's he going?" she's asked.... Can you see the hand - so so I think it says.
    8. You'd be laughing too if you thought there weren't any blades in the clippers....
     9. Whilst Sally enjoyed the moment, the very moved crowd continued to fill the tea cozy replacement with financial abundance -  until the hair was all gone!

    10. Through gritted teeth Sally advised her new friend that she would not require the $5 magic potion that would make her hair grow in a colourful and mysterious way. 
    11. The giver of the Beanie come replacement tea cozy.
    12. A well deserved smooch for an amazing effort.
    Congratulations Sally, you have made us all proud with your wonderful efforts to spread some love in the world of those needing it so much.  XXXX