Apr 29, 2013

April ScrapBursts Post 13

We are quickly winding down our ScrapBurst entries, with Pumpkin Time right before us.  We have been lucky to see some great layouts and cards in both challenges, with the girls pushing their creative boundaries to get their projects completed.  Thanks for playing everyone, and now we have a few more left to share!
CB#3-White with Orange/Yellow
Flower Card by Alana Burge
SB#2-Place or Thing
comida en le mercado  by Sally Clark (CT)
(Lunch at the Market)
 SB#2-Place or Thing
Lilli by Jennie Seal
By You - Be Amazing by Jennie Seal
Some more great challenges, well done everyone.


April ScrapBursts - Post 12

More Scrapbursts to share as the Pumpkin starts ticking down to the end of April and the start of some great prize giveaways.
CB#2-Place or Thing
Window Card by Sally Clark (CT)

CB#2-Place or Thing
Birthday Cakes Card by Mary Beaty
Dog Card by Alana Burge
Card by Alana Burge
And here's a little peek at what is on the table for Prizes, something great for everyone so make sure you've got your challenges in!  Pumpkin Time is nearing...
ScrapBurst Prizes

You have to be in it to win it....


Apr 24, 2013

April ScrapBursts - Post 11

Sharing more Scrapbursts with everyone
Live Laugh Love by Sally Clark (CT)

Lamppost Card by Gwen Ledwidge
Show & Tell
CB#4 - Spellbinders
Birthday Wishes Card by Heidi Hemmerling
Believe by Roz Langridge
Well done girls, great to see how they all differ a little.  Whilst the countdown is on to Pumpkin Time I hope everyone manages to have a go at our ScrapBursts, there are some great prizes up for grabs.


Apr 20, 2013

April/May Sketch Challenge

Hi everyone, today we are sharing some more samples from the girls using the new sketch designed by Anita.  We hope you are inspired and keen to give then a try.
Hibiscus Hotspot by Debi Clark (CT)
 Friend Card by Debi Clark (CT)

A couple more great sketches, well done Debi.  These really are such an easy design to work with, and you end up with something beautiful to boot!  What can you come up with?


Apr 19, 2013

April ScrapBursts - Post 10

Bursting with inspiration, you could say.  We are seeing more creations today from the Card Bursts, and the variety is just fantastic.  I can't explain how exciting it is to see all your work and marvel at how different they can be to each project in that challenge.  Thanks to everyone who has entered their work, and again to everyone who is entering each challenge.  We really are spoilt with your creativity, and today is no different, so check these out...
CB#3-White & Orange/Yellow
Decorative Card by Gwen Ledwidge
Trio Flower Card by Mary Beaty
Friends Card by Judy Laracy
Floral Doily Card by Gwen Ledwidge
 Well done girls, and we look forward to seeing more soon!


Apr 15, 2013

April/May Sketch Challenge

Welcome to the next Sketch Challenge.  This month we have two more fantastic sketch designs from Anita, and some wonderful inspiration to help you along.  We hope you'll take part in these, and look forward to seeing how you put yours together!
April/May Layout Sketch
Little Daisies by Anita Bownds (CT)
 April/May Card Sketch
 Just for You Card by Anita Bownds (CT)
Such beautiful samples from Anita, I hope you all find them as inspiring as I do. The Team is looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! The Sketch Challenge expires Pumpkin Time May 14th, so don't forget to upload to the Linky before then, or drop/email your challenge to Scrapville.

And just to remind everyone, you can use your own stash to do your sketches, but please be aware that Scrapville is a retail business which does not and cannot support party plan products. To be fair to everyone I hope you will appreciate that should you decide to use these products on your challenge that you will not be considered for prizes from Scrapville.

The sketch can be rotated or flipped, but must be recognizable as the sketch design and not go outside the design criteria. There is a minimum number of entries required before prizes will be awarded. Good luck everyone, we're looking forward to seeing Anita's fantastic design put to work!

Apr 12, 2013

April ScrapBursts - Post 9

We are well on our way to the half way mark for our ScrapBurst Challenges, and I must say how great is it to see so many of you participating.  I love seeing how you all approach the challenges, and what you draw your inspiration from.  This is going to be a hard one for the girls to pick when it comes to the winners, everyone has made the challenges so exciting.  Keep them coming, we have some great prizes to give away, and the Pumpkin is over two weeks away!!
SB#3 - White & Orange
Grand Parents Day by Di Corbitt
Doorway to Love Card by Isabel Bradbury
(I really wanted to call this one...Lattice Dance..............but Isabel might hit me..... :0)  )
SB#4 - Spellbinders
Be You by Di Corbitt

CB#2 - Place or Thing
Hydroponic Garden Card by Isabel Bradbury
Thanks girls, looking forward to sharing more shortly.


Apr 11, 2013

April ScrapBursts - Post 8

Well we are now 11 days into April and still we have more ScrapBursts to share.  Please don't forget to check out the Linky's on the sidebar for each challenge, as these are posted directly onto the girls' blogs.  I will post anyone here who doesn't have a blog, or random challenge entries.  Don't forget we have some great prizes to giveaway, and an extra bonus prize for the Scrapburst and Cardburst Challenge. 
Precious Moments by Di Corbitt
SB#3-White & Orange
Sleepy Girl by Rosanne Cook
SB#2-Place or Thing
Tassie Boy by Di Corbitt

CB#3-White & Yellow/Orange
Star Girl Card byRosanne Cook
Art Deco Card by Isabel Bradbury
Just for You Card by Jennie Seal
Happy Birthday Card by Jennie Seal
Blossom Card by Isabel Bradbury
Inside the card...
There are some great creations here, the girls certainly have been busy. We'll have plenty more to share again tomorrow though, so don't forget to check back in....


Apr 7, 2013

April ScrapBursts - Post 7

Hi all, here we are again with lots more to share for our ScrapBursts.  I am very impressed with the lovely creations coming in, there is so much diversity in each challenge.  It certainly opens up the avenues for you all to go that little bit outside your usual scrapping or cardmaking comfort zones.  Take a look below to see what we to share today.
Show & Tell
Vintage Card (2) by Heidi Hemmerling (SV)
Heidi found this die (S6-005) just perfect for using with vintage or heritage papers for an elegant card.  The use of soft patterned papers, flower images or even handmade flowers created using your dies in coordinating colours gives the card that little bit more. 
Something we may like to consider occasionally is re-using your wax papers from the dies.  In this case Heidi has layered several butterflies, softening the card and adding a bit of dimension.  It's such a lovely touch and looks so delicate. Thanks for sharing Heidi.
Simply Adorable Card by Zan Boyle
Shhh, It's been a Hard Day by Zan Boyle
SB#2-Place or Thing
High Country by Roz Langridge
SB#3-White & Orange
Sweet Pumpkin by Debi Clark (CT)
Great work Debi, loving those brads and the chubby little pumpkin in the middle!  Well done.
Thanks everyone for sharing, your work is awesome.