Sep 30, 2012

Final Burst..

Well this may well be the Final Burst for this month's challenges, but one can never tell given that we haven't hit the Pumpkin yet!   Best you stay tuned....... These little gems have been dropped into Scrapville, and they just keep getting better.  Loving what the girls all come up with, and how each can interpret a challenge so differently.  Let's take a look.
ScrapBurst #1: It's All About ME
Me by Judy Laracy
Believe by Jennie Seal (GCT)

Rosslyn by Roz Langridge
When I was Young by Delsie Mowbray

ScrapBurst #2 - Hex it Up
Wanted by Judy Laracy
ScrapBurst #3 Stamp it Distressed
Master Renovator at Work by Judy Laracy

ScrapBurst #4 - Wordplay - Heart
You Love {heart} Chocolate by Nicole McNamara

Love is in the Air by Judy Laracy (L{heart}ve)

Well done girls, there is some great creative inspiration here, you have all produced some wonderful layouts.  Thanks for playing!


Sep 29, 2012

Creatively Bursting...

Just when you thought you'd seen them all, we have more!  How lucky are we?  With only one days to go the girls are making a last ditch effort to get their ScrapBursts in.  Pumpkin Time looms nearer, so keep them coming.  Now, let's check these out.
ScrapBurst #3 Stamp it Distressed
Wherever You Go by Deb Pulford (CT)
Happy by Nicole McNamara

Promise by Delsie Mowbray
Courageous by Sally Dowen
Thanks for sharing girls, we'll have a few more projects to upload before Pumpkin Time.


Blind Croppers

It's a bit like that saying...."you really should have been there!"  We secretly decided to turn the tables on the girls at RetreatVille, and give them a Blind CropVille run by Sally, but they already knew!  My goodness, what fun, and by that I mean what fun I had watching!!  A fair amount of whip-cracking was undertaken, we ran out of Naughty Corners (it didn't help that we had one reserved for Heather, and she wasn't even there!...). 

At the end of the night we had successfully achieved (photographic proof of) completed Blind RV Layouts. I really think the photos of the girls scrapping same would have been better to upload, but I don't respond very well to threats of bodily harm......  therefore we have a few layouts to share instead!  Enjoy!
Go Army!! by Delsie Mowbray
Crouching Tiger by Zan Boyle
Dive by Leigh Morris
Summer Holiday by Lynn Winfield
Camping by Max Rusk
Wedding by Beth Metcalf
Lots of fun was had by all.  The girls had to choose all their bits and pieces from their own stash, so I think they all did a pretty good job.  You can see these and more at Scrapville and in the Window of Fame.  Thanks for running the Blind RV Sally.

Our next in-store Blind Cropville is on Saturday, 8th October.  There are 2 classes, one at 2.30pm and one at 7pm.  Bookings are essential and the list of requirements will be uploaded to the sidebar on the Blog under Blind Cropville.


Sep 27, 2012

1 Hour Challenge

Here's something new we decided to give a whirl at RetreatVille, a 1 Hour Challenge.  Prior to starting everyone was given an envelope with several items of similarity, with a one hour time limit and anything goes, as long as all items from the envelope were used.  For those of you that think this is a very unlikely challenge, try it some time!  Here are the girls efforts.
Love & Cherish by Leigh Morris
2 Nans by Beth Metcalf
Celebration by Delsie Mowbray

Nurse by Kylie Wagstaff
Girls by Jennie Seal (GCT)
Nutsie by Max Rusk
Smile by Sally Clark (CT)

Grow by Lynn Winfield
Happy 26th Birthday Nathan by Zan Boyle
 Emily Eight Months by Leanne Gamze
What a great challenge this was.  The girls all did a fabulous job given the time limit, and I think some may have surprised themselves by being able to use their little surprises as well.  Glad you all had fun!


Bursting with Creativity

Hi Everyone, well the ScrapBursts sure are keeping you busy.  There is such an amazing range of work coming in, and I really am enjoying seeing everyone's take on their creations. I'm sure there are some very excited little grand kiddies out there who will be looking forward to seeing these as well!  Enjoy everyone.
ScrapBurst #1: All About ME
Do You {really} Know Me? by Deb Pulford (CT)

Ezy Pzy Kit
ScrapBurst #2: Hex it Up
Thanks Giving 2011 by Delsie Mowbray

Pink Shoes by Nicole McNamara
Smiles by Deb Pulford (CT)
Ezy Pzy Kit
FULL TITLE: So Many of My SMILES Begin WIth You Two
ScrapBurst #4: Wordplay - Heart
This Angel Won My Heart by Debi Clark

You Stole My Heart by Delsie Mowbray
What a great display of creativity from the girls.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations, and stay tuned, we still have more to share!


A Sketchy RetreatVille?

Some may think so, but here we have some wonderful RV Sketches to share with you all.  Being a part of RV means you get to do our special RV Sketch, and first up to share is the Creative Team, who all had their lovely creations on show all weekend.  Thanks again to the amazing Anita for her wonderful designs.
Me Time by Anita Bownds (CT)
I just love the colours in this Ezy Pzy Kit.  Anita has used coordinating Manor House flowers and spritz to work the colours in, and the spritz pattern drizzled over the background looks great.
Layering and a bit of doodliing adds definition, and a bit of bling never goes astray!  Doilies are just so versatile at the moment, and Anita has made great use of these.  Gorgeous work girlfriend!
2010 by Sally Clark (CT)
This is what I love about the Sketch Challenges, how different are these layouts?  Again, we have an Ezy Pzy kit used for Sally's layout, taking the work out of coordinating the patterns, colours and extras.  Tags are great on masculine layouts when you add a bit of "Bloke", whether it be the colours, distressing or texture.  The thickness and colour of the grosgrain ribbon works well, and a bit of frayed string works a treat on the tag.
Inking adds definition, as does the overlapping of layers.  A bit of stamping using texture stamps creates a bit of grunge.
Giving your punches a good workout with a bit of extra inking and layering can create different effects.  A simple way to do a title, a little tag with your stamped title - Ezy!  Well done Sally, a great one for the Boys.
Mason by Deb Pulford (CT)
Deb has used an Ezy Pzy Kit to do her Retreat Sketch.  Takes all the work out of thinking, the colours all work well together and there are some lovely Manor House flowers to add a little softness.  Looks great Deb.                            
Spring by Jennie Seal (Guest)
Jennie has taken advantage of her border punches, and tearing on the edges to give the layout a sense of depth.  The punched tag is a great way to decorate your journaling panel, and a few bits of bling and charms adds to the feminine feel of the layout.
Her fussy cutting is great, and looks fantastic layered and covered with Dimensional Magic.  The fine loopy punch layered beneath the ribbon trim balances out the colouring and look.
The border punched strips have really worked well with their colours, and the inked ribbon layered on top brings it all together to make a lovely layered effect beneath the photo.  The little dots of paper have been painstakingly adhered and covered in, yes, Dimensional Magic.  Beautifully done Jennie.

The Creative Team Girls have worked wonders with the Sketch, now here are some of the layouts the girls have completed over the weekend.

Retreat End by Zan Boyle
Deb Night by Beth Metcalf
Me - and My Dad by Max Rusk
Serenity by Delsie Mowbray
Happy Holidays by Leanne Gamze
Sisters by Kylie Wagstaff

Bella by Leigh Morris
Cherish by Lynn Winfield
Some very beautiful work by the girls, and for those that had never tackled a sketch before - exceptionally Well Done!