Mar 30, 2010

Check out these Sketch Challenges

Well, we've had a couple more Sketch Challenges entries come through the doors of Scrapville and via the wires, and the in-store gallery is starting to fill up. I just love the diversity of everyone's work, and I am still excited each time one is unraveled onto the Challenge Wall.  I am sure these Sketches are bringing out a little of everyone's character in their work, and I look forward to finding it as I get to know each and every one of you - all in good time of course!!

The latest projects have used different techniques with their trees, and are indeed very pleasant to look at.  The big flower Jacqui has used behind her tree looks really effective, and Sandie's little flowers remind me of cherry blossoms in the spring - gorgeous little flowers, and Deb J's little tree is so cute with its birdie!  And by gosh Jacqui and Sandie's gardens are full of tulle and taffeta - with little girls in the middle!

Well done girls.
Jacqui - Sketch Layout

Sandie - Sketch Layout

Deb J - Sketch Layout

 Sally (Creative Team) - Card Sketch Sample

Deb J - Card Sketch
Now you all have two weeks to get your sketches in, for your layouts and your cards, so plenty of time to get something done over Easter.........


Mar 29, 2010

Sneak Peek - April monthly pack!

Well who can believe that March has almost gone and April will be upon us in just a few short days... ho hum, there goes our nice weather!
Janet has put together a wonderful monthly pack for April which will be just the thing for those of you who love to dabble in all things shabby. Now, I had better not give too much away so will just put up the sneak peeks from both Sally and myself and then leave you all guessing for another couple of days.
Sally - Sneak Peek No. 1

Sally - Sneak Peek No. 2

Melinda - Sneak Peek No. 3
Happy Scrapping...

Mar 28, 2010

Blind Scrap Reveal!

Well the girls at the 'Scrapville' store had their very first Blind Scrap last night and it sounds as though there was some fun and games... blind scrap masks, broken sewing machine, borrowed sewing machine to the rescue via masked bandit driving the streets of Wodonga, cheesecake... hmmm sounds like a bit of frivolity was had!

Okay, now for the big reveal of my blind scrapping layout...

Happy Scrapping...

--- And now it is over to Janet and the wonderful layouts from the girls' ---

Boy oh Boy, how much fun did we have last night at the Blind CropVille? HEAPS!!!!
It was a great night, with a great bunch of girls, and from my point of view it was very exciting to see how everyone interpreted each step of the instructions.  Maybe even just a little bit frustrating for some of the girls when I couldn't tell them where to put what.... now that wouldn't be fair, and where's the fun in that!

Just on another note, I almost fell off my chair at Friday's CropVille when I watched one of the girls putting together a layout that was pretty much the same theme we were going to use for the Blind Scrap.  My curiosity in her progress may have been a bit similar to stalking, but I did not follow her out the door, well - not ALL the way to the car anyway!  Alas, she did indeed complete a beautiful patchwork effect layout as a double page - featuring one very expressive little high chair guest at dinner time!!  And in the end, it was different... but my heart did skip a beat none the less, Cass!

To show you all what these clever and creative ladies have done at the Blind CropVille, I have taken a photo of each layout at the end of the night and... as this was a very 'confidential' event it was no surprise that some ladies were indeed masking their identities....







Lastly, we have a blind scrap layout from Rachel who participated via email all the way from WA. Glad you could join in the fun albeit without the cheesecake and bandit masks.
Thank you to all those that participated in the first Scrapville Blind CropVille.  We will be running this layout again as a class, so if you are interested please contact Janet at the Scrapville store, Wodonga or via scrapville email. 
For those interested in attending the Next Blind CropVille, please book in now as there are only a few places left.  It will be held on Saturday, April 24th.  Please note before you book that this is the Anzac Day long weekend.

Mar 27, 2010

A couple of sketch layouts to share...

Sam Epps
Sam has created a wonderful layout from the March-April sketch. She has gone to so much trouble with all the paper piercing flourishes on the cardstock, which look fantastic! Look at that cute 'kitty'!


Look at that fantastic tree and all those multi-coloured autumn leaves. This layout even has a secret photo hiding behind the little owl....   I wonder who that could be? Just beautiful Jodie. TFS!
Happy Scrapping...

Mar 26, 2010

Blind CropVille 'Sneak Peek'

Hello Everyone, well the girls must be getting excited now, Blind CropVille is tomorrow night.  All the girls have been given their list of what to bring, and I am hoping everyone will have an exciting and fun night.

I have the step by step instructions for the girls ready and their little packages all made up and ready to go (...hidden from Allana to avoid temptation - I know what those brown boxes can do to you!!)

We will post the completed projects on the Blog after the Blind CropVille for you all to see.

For our interstate and overseas friends who have asked to play along, Melinda will email the instructions to you at 7pm Saturday evening, but we ask that you please have your finished layouts emailed to scrapville by no later than 10am Sunday morning for the reveal on the Scrapville blog!
Lastly, I asked Melinda to give us a little 'sneak peek' and I do believe she has taken me literally because 'she ain't given much away'... well atleast we know she has used a button.

Super Stud March Monthly Pack

With the very quick sales of the March Monthly Pack well and truly gone, we patiently await the arrival of the top up packs.  Once these arrive they will be promptly posted out to those that have already paid for them.  The remainder will be put on the shelf in the shop.  This will run very close to the release of the April Monthly Pack, but none the less, people have been asking for it and we will make sure we get it done for you!

Just so you can see what the girls have been busy doing, I have uploaded a few layouts showing the diversity of the Super Stud range.  Firstly we take a look at some layouts already completed from Roz, Sandie,  Jacqui and Anthea.  All a bit different, and good to see the way we all apply the patterned papers. I'm liking your creativity too.  Thanks girls.

Roz Langridge

Now look closely at this one Roz has done...... when I asked her if it was a grandson she said "No, that's my son!"  She couldn't go past using this photo of her son in his space gear, taken all those years ago.  Great effort Roz.

Sandie Spalding
Sandie has used a photo of her son Zac, a well known Scrapville creator of pictures,  playing with some very nifty looking robots.  The puffy orange fellow was created by her daughter Eliza, so this really was a hands on creation!  Well done team Spalding!

Jacqui Haysom
Jacqui has taken some photos of her son playing with an enormous rocket, staggering them diagonally down the page.  The blast of stars and colour in the corner looks really effective. He looks like he's having a great time too!

Anthea English
Anthea has used a photo of Matthew and his dad hangin'.  I like the style of this layout, clean cut and a real mix of the patterned papers.  The puffy orange dots look really effective on the scallops too.  Nice work.

Thanks for sharing your Monthly Packs girls.


Mar 25, 2010

Imaginisce March Sketch...

Once again Imaginisce have posted another wonderful sketch challenge created by their very talented design team member Erin Basset. We are excited to have a couple of our crafty ladies take up the challenge and create some lovely interpretations of the sketch. Now, as these two gals don't have blogs, we will post their entries on our blog so they don't miss a chance to enter and be in the running for a super cool prize pack of either the i-top package or $75(US) in Imaginisce products... WOW!
Em Barber

Sam Epps
 Sam Epps (Closeup)
Good Luck Girls!!! 

Mar 23, 2010

Hey Cupcake, Bring your Cricut!!!

Ok, there's a pun in it - but all you really need to know is that you will need to contact Scrapville if you intend doing either the Cupcake Template class on Thursday, or the Bring your Cricut class on Saturday.  We like to be prepared, so drop us a line or call in to secure your place.

Look forward to hearing from you girls.....................

Published Praises

I would like to send out a little 'Cong Rats!', 'Well Done!' and just plain awesome to the girls out there that are being published.
Praises of Note:
Melinda - Australian Scrapbook Creations (Issue 76)  - 'Bath Time'
Melinda - Australian Scrapbook Creations (Issue 76) - 'Sandpit'

In the same issue we also have a local Myrtleford girl, who also has two layouts published.
Nikki Antonello with a double layout titled 'Puddles', and a single 'Gorgeous Girl'.

I also noticed that further up the Ovens Valley we had Joanne Caird being first time published in Scrapbooking Memories with a layout of her son.

Well done to all the girls, and please feel free to let me know so we can all send you our heart felt Cong Rats!!!

You will never, never, know if you don't have a go...........

Mar 19, 2010

Email Contacts

Could anyone who has not received an email from Scrapville in the last week please email me with your correct email/contact details.  I have had quite a few emails bounce back, so you may not be getting all the updates and information.

Many Thanks

Blind CropVille

Hello Everyone, what do you think about a Blind CropVille?

It is actually a very fun, although curious night!  The Blind CropVille is run as a class, and you will be required to book in.  Each person participating will be given a kit on arrival, which will not be opened until the step by step instructions commence.  Everyone will proceed with the step by step, supplemented with refreshments along the way, until completion at the end of the night. Only then will the REVEAL of the original Blind CropVille Layout be displayed to everyone.  It is a very interesting way to see how creative we can all be by following the same instructions, and creating something entirely different to each other at the end of the night.
  • You will be asked to provide a specific photo/photos from a set theme, the rest will be in the kit!  
  • You MUST use the items in the kit for all step by step instructions, what you do once that item has been used to complete that step is up to you. 
  • You will need to bring your basic tools, such as trimmer, adhesives, ruler, pencil and any other products that you tend to use a lot - such as distress-ers, inks, gel pens, sanding blocks.
  • Oh heck, just bring your tote!!!
If this sounds like YOU, well book in now!  It's going to be a very fun night.  I would like to run this every month, so if the interest is there I will add it to the calendar.  If the interest is really overwhelming....... well, we may repeat the class again during the month (and a day/time to be determined).  YOU will be the one to determine how that goes!
  • 7.00PM TO 11.00PM
So, if you want to be in it, please confirm your booking by calling into the shop, or email Janet at Scrapville.  Let's go, there's not many spots......


You need to bring...

For the Stamping & Embossing Classes tomorrow, Saturday 20th March please bring:
  • your trimmer,
  • your ruler,
  • a pencil,
  • and adhesive.
Refreshments will be provided.

Mar 18, 2010


Hello everyone,
thought I would send out a reminder for anyone interested in attending any of the newly released classes or crops.  You will need to book in, as we are starting to fill up and I need everyone to make sure they secure their place in the class by booking.

Learn how to stamp, which inks to use, how the stamps work, what the embossing powders do, how to use an embossing heat tool, what effects can you achieve.  Come along and find out with our very experienced instructor.
SATURDAY, 20TH MARCH     CLASS 1. 10.30 TO 12.30PM
SATURDAY, 20TH MARCH     CLASS 2.   1.30 TO  3.30PM

Come along and learn how to use a template to create gorgeous cupcakes.  This can be used to make cupcake decorations in the home, favor boxes for gifts or parties, or to hold that extra special little gift.

Pack up your Cricut Machine and bring it on into Scrapville for a fully hands on class on all you need to know about using your Cricut.  We will go over all the basics, the settings, and walk you through understanding and using your own machine with confidence.  Being hands on with your own machine will see you leave knowing you can go home and start using your Cricut in more ways than you imagined.

CROPVILLE                              COST $12
Bring your scrapping and card making gear to CropVille and be motivated.  With a maximum booking of 8 people each crop, you are sure to find the night spacious and inspiring, and the company very enjoyable.  Whilst at CropVille you will enjoy scrumptious refreshments, a relaxing and fun atmosphere, and the convenience to go shopping in comfort for those hard to find bits and pieces.


BLIND CROPVILLE       **NEW**    $20 RUN AS CLASS (see new post)
SATURDAY, 27TH MARCH       7.00PM TO 11.00PM


FRIDAY, 9TH APRIL                 7.00PM TO MIDNIGHT

KIDS CLASSES                        COST $10   (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)
TUESDAY, 30TH MARCH          10.00AM TO 12NOON

TUESDAY, 30TH MARCH          3.00PM TO 5.00PM
KIDS CLASSES                        COST $10   (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)
THURSDAY, 1ST APRIL            10.00AM TO 12NOON

THURSDAY, 1ST APRIL            3.00PM TO 5.00PM
KIDS CLASSES                        COST $10 (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)
TUESDAY, 6TH APRIL            10.00AM TO 12NOON

TUESDAY, 6TH APRIL              3.00PM TO 5.00PM

KIDS CLASSES                        COST $10 (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)
THURSDAY, 8TH APRIL            10.00AM TO 12NOON

THURSDAY, 8TH APRIL              3.00PM TO 5.00PM

**NEW** FOR THE NSW KIDDIES                                      
KIDS CLASSES                        COST $10 (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)
TUESDAY, 13TH APRIL            10.00AM TO 12NOON

TUESDAY, 13TH APRIL            3.00PM TO 5.00PM
KIDS CLASSES                        COST $10 (SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)
THURSDAY, 15TH APRIL          10.00AM TO 12NOON

THURSDAY, 15TH APRIL         3.00PM TO 5.00PM
Please note with the Kids Classes that you are welcome to drop them off and then go and do a bit of shopping or grab a coffee until the completion of the class.

Please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to book into any of the above Crops and Classes so that I can firm up times and numbers for my instructors in preparation of kits, notes etc.

I hope we have something that fits in with what you are looking for at Scrapville, and I will be updating the calendar each time something new is announced.



Mar 16, 2010

And the Winners are...

Once again, thank you to all of our creative friends who participated in the February Sketch challenge, we not only had a wonderful selection of layouts entered, we also had so many lovely cards and it's such a joy to receive each and every entry! So thank you!
Now, my husband wasn't available to draw out the names this month so I put everyone's names into a pillow case (I was putting away the washing at the time) and gave it a big shake and drew out the following names.........

Layout Sketch Challenge Winner!

Card Sketch Challenge Winner!

So, could both Sandie and Rachael email Janet with their addresses or pop into the store to pick up their prize.

Looking forward to seeing the next round of entries!
Happy Scrapping...

Mar 15, 2010

March Sketch Challenge!

Can you believe it... we are halfway through March already and it is time for another layout and card sketch challenge.
Today is the big reveal for the March layout and card sketches and you are more than welcome to have a go at both if you choose! Now, the sketch is there purely for inspiration, you can flip it, alter it however you like, use whatever products you like and any techniques you choose, but the original sketch design must be recognisable. And, if you use it for anything other than to enter the challenge, please give credit to the designer.
March Layout Sketch
Sample Sketch Layout
 Products Used: Bazzill Card Stock - Red and White, Scenic Route Printed Papers - Brighton Stripes and Charlotte Shirley Floral, American Craft Thickers - Dacquiri Black and Lime, Sam and Lucy Weave Extras teeny tiny stickers, AodrnIt Carolee's Creations Tiny Whoopsy Teal Letters, American Crafts Remarks Chloe Mulberry Clear Stickers, Black journal pen, Chipboard Tree.
March Card Sketch
Sample Sketch Card
 Products Used: Bazzill Card Stock - Red and White, Scenic Route Printed Papers - Brighton Stripes and Charlotte Eastern Avenue Flora Aqua, American Craft Thickers - Dacquiri Black, Kaiser rhinestones blacka and aqua.

Don't forget, you have until midnight April 14th to email your entries to or drop your entries into the Scrapville store for Janet to photograph and upload. Can't wait to see the March entries!

Our February winners will be announced this evening so don't forget to come back and find out who our lucky recipients are!
Happy Scrapping!

Mar 13, 2010

More Sketch Challenges

In they come, just scraping through before the close off!  But in all honesty, I must apologize to Shiralee who did in fact bring hers in MUCH earlier.  I must have been distracted with a brown box of some sort on that day...  So, we have two layouts to add.  Shiralee has done her sketch on the Friendship of her daughters, and it's such a beautiful photo.  Also note all the nice glitter in the background, and the work in that tiny little angel in the front - just lovely.
Detail of the Angel

Sam spent a bit of time at the last CropVille preparing her sketch for completion..... she might have done a bit more afterwards at home...  CropVille has been just wonderful, seeing all the girls get inspiration, ideas, motivation (and sometimes even stash!) from each other.  Well Sam used her time at CropVille to add some lovely detail to her layout, making some gorgeous little heart butterflies with stitched trails and wire antenas.  We all watched with some trepidation as she she cut out each word to the Mockingbird lyrics, they inked and adhered them to the edges of her papers.  Very nice Sam.
Close-up view of the details.

Thanks for sharing girls, I am loving all your motivation and excitement!


Sketches from Far, Far, Far away...

Hello Girls,
well this one made it in plently of time given the distance it travelled.  (Ok, cyber travel, but it's still far, far, far, away....)  We welcome Clare to our Blog, and this month's Card Sketch Challenge.  She has made the most beautiful Mother's Day card, and I just adore the scalloped edging and the embossed paper. 

Thank you for sharing Clare, and welcome aboard!
Clare Earl

New Sketches in Scrapville

Hi Everyone,
It seems like ages since I've been on the Blog to have a chat - Newsletter aside!  I had misplaced my USB cable for the digital camera, and have thankfully now found it, so a few more Sketch Challenges are being uploaded.  The work from the girls has been great, and someone even had the nerve to suggest taking MY layouts off the gallery wall to fit them all on!!  .....ok, you can do it....

I know of a couple of girls who are racing the gun to get their Sketches in before Pumpkin Hour, so I am keen to see what will make the deadline!  The work so far has been wonderful, and I am happy to see so many of you doing cards as well.  Makes the paper go further, and you get that little something special to gift to someone.

A lovely take on the sketch, the flowers turned out beautiful and the journaling on the ribbon works really well.  Your wise little friend is well flourished and cut out too!

Sam Epps
The detail in your work is great Sam.  Love how the flourishes worked mounted up and giving such a nice softening feel to the layout.  The distressed edging and stitching just ties in so nicely.  And how cool are those shades?!! (Note: This is Sam's take on the February sketch over at the Imaginisce Blog)

Emily Barber
Just love your wooden letters Em, painted up then coated in dimensional magic really brings out just how nice a cut they are.

Emily Barber - Card
Don't the scallops and bling add a real bit of zing to this card.  It looks just great IRL, the colours work well together.

Thanks everyone for sharing your projects and bringing them into Scrapville to share in our Gallery.  Just a couple more days until the next sketch.......

Mar 12, 2010

March 2010 Newsletter

Hello to my Creative Friends, and welcome to the Scrapville Newsletter for March!  I hope that you have all found time to enjoy some creativity, and found a bit of bliss and inspiration at Scrapville in the process.

To give you a brief run down on what’s been happening since the first Newsletter, I must say that I have been digging away at orders to restock the shelves of Scrapville.  There has been many an echo of excitement coming from the depths of the big brown boxes as an abundance of new stock is readied to hit the shelves.  Since the end of CHA in America, the wholesalers have been going flat out to get the Pre-Orders in for all the new stock set to hit the Aussies Shores this month.   Scrapville, like everyone else, has been anxiously awaiting new lines of stock for the shelves.  I am hoping that we will be able to get these items out to you before much longer.

What to Expect.
Well, we have at least four new ranges of 3 Bugs in a Rug coming out, very boyish cutesy ranges.  We also have some new BoBunny coming out, with the focus on Kitchen stuff and Girly themes!  In our teen area we have a new range of Geo-Hectic by Little Yellow Bicycle focusing on the outdoorsy bloke, and lots of embellishments to support it.  This one will actually work in well with the Monthly Pack if you focus on the stamps.........  New flowers have arrived in stock, and heaps of new chipboard shapes and words, some felt and foam embellies, and more bling brads.

The Imaginisce i-top, the Cricut Expression and the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine seem to be the main products that people want to see demonstrated, and we will be including a demonstration schedule in the calendar to accommodate your interest in these products throughout the year.

The Scrapville Blog has been very popular, and I am really happy to see you all popping in and leaving comments, and allowing Scrapville to display your projects.  Our followers are coming from far and wide, and it’s nice to know we able to draw their interest Down Under!  The Monthly Sketch Challenges have also been very popular, with lots of inspired people bringing their projects into the shop for display.  Those a little further afield are gratefully emailing me their challenges and I am uploading them to the Blog for you all to see.  Don’t forget, the Monthly Sketch Challenge runs from the 15th of each month to Pumpkin Hour on the 14thof the following month.  That means you have until THIS SUNDAY night to get your layout or card finished girls!!

The current Scrapville Monthly Pack is the Bella Boulevard Super Stud, focusing on robots.  It is very cute, and can also be worked for girls – just check out the Blog and see what the Creative Team has done.  Unfortunately the first batch of this pack has been sold, and I am desperately  awaiting the arrival of the next shipment.  I will send out a broadcast once it is in so that those that missed out can pick one up.  Apologies to those still waiting.

I am happy to announce that due to the interest in the Monthly Packs, we will be setting up a subscription to accommodate those who would like to make a standing commitment.  Further information will be released shortly, outlining costs, payment details, dates and privacy policies. 

And............ we will also be doing two extra kits for each month, as a themed Monthly Kit for Girls/Female and Boys/Male.  This will include a colour copy of a layout, with the instructions to make the kit.  All materials to complete the project will be included in the kit, and these will also be available for subscription.

Subscription Numbers will be limited to 25, so it will be based on first fully paid subscription customers will have priority.  Again, a broadcast will be sent out once details have been finalized.  Please be patient.

Scrapville Trading Hours
Tuesday and Wednesday            9.30am to 5.00pm.
Thursday and Friday                    9.30am to 5.30 pm.
Saturdays                                         9.30am to 2.00pm.

Friday & Saturday Night CropVille commence at 7pm, and finish at Midnight.
Bookings are essential, and supper is provided in the $12.00 per person cost.

Dates to Note:  
Friday 12th March           I have just had ONE cancellation due to illness, book now if interested.
Saturday 20th March      I have three places available.
Friday 26th March           I have four places available (Vic school holidays start)
Friday 2nd April                Good Friday – CLOSED (NSW school holidays start)
Saturday 3rd April           Easter Saturday – CLOSED
Friday 9th April                Open for Bookings

Our first class is STAMPING AND EMBOSSING with Sally Clark, and Creative Team member and avid stamper.  Each attendee will leave the class with several items, and a whole new attitude to how easily you can make stamping & embossing fit into your projects.
WHEN: Saturday, 20th March.
Class 1. 10.30am to 12.30pm  Class 2.  1.30pm to 3.30pm
COST: $20 per person.
Just bring your trimmer, adhesives and a pencil.  Coffee and Tea provided.

WHEN: Saturday, 27th March. Commencing 3.00pm to 5.00pm.COST:  $8.00 per booking (..that pays for both of you!)
Numbers limited to 4 couples.

BRING:  Your project and tools.
The shop will be open to help you find what else you might need.  Refreshments provided.

Your daughter (or guest) should be of an age competent in handling scrapbooking tools (such as scissors or trimmers),
your daughter (or guest) will be under your direct supervision,
your daughter (or guest) will be invited to display projects completed at this booking on the Scrapville Blog, with your permission.

Futher Dates to Note:
CupCake Templates             Thursday 25th March                 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Bring Your Cricut                  Saturday, 27th March               10.00am to 12noon
Kids Classes                            Tuesday, 30th March                10.00am to 12noon
Mother/Daughter Crop      Tuesday, 30th March                  3.00pm to 5.00pm
Kids Classes                            Thursday, 1st April                     10.00am to 12noon
Mother/Daughter Crop      Thursday, 1st April                       3.00pm to 5.00pm

I will be adding more dates, class times, costs and requirements to a calendar shortly, in addition to the above.



Mar 3, 2010

March Pack extras...

I was having a little tidy up after making the March Pack sample layout and I noticed that I had heaps of product left over so I set to task to see what else I could create. What fun... I made a set of four funky little cards for kids, both boys and girls and the best part... I still have heaps of product left over. So make sure you grab one of the March packs because you will get far more than you bargain for... I'm still going on mine!
Happy Scrapping...

Mar 1, 2010

March Monthly Pack!

Hello and Welcome to our March Monthly Pack. This time round we are introducing a pack for the boys and the girls! With this gorgeous little Super Stud range from Bella Boulevard, we have an awesome mix of little boy and girl robots. The supporting paper cutouts and labels also means you don't have to use the whole pack as a robot theme if you choose not to, as you will see from our Creative Teams samples.

In this pack you will find the following products:
  • 4 x Bella Boulevard patterned papers
  • 2 x cardstock
  • 1 x tangerine puffy Thickers
  • 1 x bubbalicious navy/lime ribbon
  • 1 x navy thin satin ribbon
  • 3 x black circle clips
  • 10 x mixed eyelets
As with the previous Monthly Pack, the packs will be available at Scrapville for $15.00 from Tuesday when the doors open.  After one week, any remaining packs will be offered online to anyone wishing to purchase one.  We also have a set criteria for the completion of the pack, as follows.
Please prepare your layout or card by;
  • using the products in the pack,
  • you DO NOT have to use ALL the products in the pack on your project,
  • you may use inking, mounting up, dimensional magic or accent media to add a 3D effect (pearls, paint...)
  • you may use rubons, but the title MUST be used with the tangerine thickers
Our Creative Team girls have been busy having fun with this one, take a look at their end results.
Melinda - somewhat industrious with the knife!
 Sally - Check out the stitching!
 Sally's double page layout...... with some nifty eyelet ideas.

We hope you all have fun with this pack, and all at Scrapville are very keen indeed to see what you come up with!  Please forward an email to Scrapville with the completed project attached, or drop it into the shop if you are able.  All entries brought into Scrapville will be put on display for the month, with your permission.  We would like you to ensure that all entries are in by the end of March, and please don't limit yourself to just doing a layout.  We are more than happy to see our card makers out there taking part and spreading their magic.

Feb Monthly Pack layout...

We have a layout from Emily using the Imaginisce Lucy Bird Monthly Pack for February.
I think you've tied it all in very nicely Em, and I love the lettering.  Your scalloped border is very effective - well done and thank you for sharing your layout.
The response for the Feb challenge pack was fabulous - we completely sold out of the pack, so thank you to everyone for your enthuisiam!!t

This addition to the Feb Pack post is a little delayed as I obviously overlooked Pepper's layout when I was uploading......  I am SO sorry Pepper.  I remembered looking at this thinking "I must buy ice-cream today..........."

Such a great layout, and a great family day out.  Love the torn flap at the top with the Lucy Bird "cutie" showing through.  Thanks for sharing Pepper!

Rachel Walsh

Can't wait to see what you all think of the March pack!

Feb sketches still rolling in...

Well, you girls out there have certainly been busy!  We have had some wonderful layouts and cards floating in over the cyber airwaves and in through the door!  I would like to share with you all our latest projects from our talented participants.

Rachel (Pepper)
Rachel (Pepper)
Great effort girls, these are all just beautiful!
Cassie, I think the vellum you used really softened that beautiful photo of your gorgeous girls, and the scalloped edges are perfect.
Heather, I watched you put this layout together at CropVille and couldn't wait to see it finished.  Your stitching adds such a nice touch to your work.
Pepper, I just love the colours in your layout.  Turning it around worked just great - and the flowers are lovely.
Kaylene, how cute is this card?!  I see you are venturing into the embossing pearls - that flower looks fantastic, love the colour. 
Rosanne, as a Leo Starsign I just loved this little fellow.  I might add he almost disappeared at CropVille with a few ladies wanting to give him a new home!  Very nice.
Pepper, just love the colours.  The eyelets in the scallops add a nice touch too.  I am sure the English Recipient of this card will be thanking YOU very much!..
Thank you all for sharing, I am just loving all your work