Mar 26, 2010

Blind CropVille 'Sneak Peek'

Hello Everyone, well the girls must be getting excited now, Blind CropVille is tomorrow night.  All the girls have been given their list of what to bring, and I am hoping everyone will have an exciting and fun night.

I have the step by step instructions for the girls ready and their little packages all made up and ready to go (...hidden from Allana to avoid temptation - I know what those brown boxes can do to you!!)

We will post the completed projects on the Blog after the Blind CropVille for you all to see.

For our interstate and overseas friends who have asked to play along, Melinda will email the instructions to you at 7pm Saturday evening, but we ask that you please have your finished layouts emailed to scrapville by no later than 10am Sunday morning for the reveal on the Scrapville blog!
Lastly, I asked Melinda to give us a little 'sneak peek' and I do believe she has taken me literally because 'she ain't given much away'... well atleast we know she has used a button.


Rachel said...

This could be fun - especially since I won't get home from a crop day until 10pm or so! And there's a three? or will it be two? hour time difference as well... hmmm, will see how I go - I love a challenge!

And that's a gorgeous button! ;)

DebiJ said...

Would love to join you all but I am going out Saturday night for dins with a group of friends...maybe next time....hope you all have loads of fun....

Scrapville said...

You nearly blew it with that button Melinda, Sam had a hundred ideas before she even got here!!!


Melinda Spinks said...

Okay, next time I'll just show the string. LOL!