Mar 23, 2010

Published Praises

I would like to send out a little 'Cong Rats!', 'Well Done!' and just plain awesome to the girls out there that are being published.
Praises of Note:
Melinda - Australian Scrapbook Creations (Issue 76)  - 'Bath Time'
Melinda - Australian Scrapbook Creations (Issue 76) - 'Sandpit'

In the same issue we also have a local Myrtleford girl, who also has two layouts published.
Nikki Antonello with a double layout titled 'Puddles', and a single 'Gorgeous Girl'.

I also noticed that further up the Ovens Valley we had Joanne Caird being first time published in Scrapbooking Memories with a layout of her son.

Well done to all the girls, and please feel free to let me know so we can all send you our heart felt Cong Rats!!!

You will never, never, know if you don't have a go...........


Nikki xx said...

What a nice surprise. Here I am reading along and noticed my name....hehehe! Thanks for the lovely mention Janet! :)...and congrats to both Melinda and Jo!

Scrapville said...

You're very welcome Nikki - just want to make sure all the country girls are noticed!!