Mar 13, 2010

More Sketch Challenges

In they come, just scraping through before the close off!  But in all honesty, I must apologize to Shiralee who did in fact bring hers in MUCH earlier.  I must have been distracted with a brown box of some sort on that day...  So, we have two layouts to add.  Shiralee has done her sketch on the Friendship of her daughters, and it's such a beautiful photo.  Also note all the nice glitter in the background, and the work in that tiny little angel in the front - just lovely.
Detail of the Angel

Sam spent a bit of time at the last CropVille preparing her sketch for completion..... she might have done a bit more afterwards at home...  CropVille has been just wonderful, seeing all the girls get inspiration, ideas, motivation (and sometimes even stash!) from each other.  Well Sam used her time at CropVille to add some lovely detail to her layout, making some gorgeous little heart butterflies with stitched trails and wire antenas.  We all watched with some trepidation as she she cut out each word to the Mockingbird lyrics, they inked and adhered them to the edges of her papers.  Very nice Sam.
Close-up view of the details.

Thanks for sharing girls, I am loving all your motivation and excitement!



Melinda Spinks said...

Beautiful entries... you've both put so much effort into the sketch challenge, thank you for playing along.

Anthea said...

Sam - your LO turned out just beautiful. Nice to meet you at the crop. :)