Nov 30, 2011

Some more Challenges for November

Hi Everyone, Pumpkin Time fleetingly approaches for the Monthly Pack and Scrapbursts.  The countdown is on, so get them in if you can.  We have such an interesting display of challenges at the moment, it's really great to see.  So, on that note check these out!
Happy Christmas by Zan Boyle
Nov/Dec Card Sketch
Remember by Jennie Seal
November Monthly Pack
 Together by Jennie Seal
SB #1 Metals
 Whatchu Looking At? by Di Corbitt
SB #1 Metals
 Diva by Jennie Seal
SB #2 Stitching
Not only have the wavy lines been machine stitched, but each button has also been sewn on.  Great effort Jennie.
Mr Pig by Di Corbitt
SB #2 Stitching
A little closeup of the stitching on Di's title tag and corner flourish, and above more stitching around the photos, and beside the edge of the layout.
Cherish by Jennie Seal
SB #3 Numbers
Beautiful Boy by Jennie Seal
SB #4 Embossed Papers
Thanks for sharing girls, I hope you've all had fun with it!


Nov 28, 2011


Hi to all those Winners out there, and the ones that Scrapville chose!  This post is a little later than I'd like, but we do have a list of recent Challenge Winners that I would like to announce.  Each Winner has been chosen based on the Challenge criteria and techniques applied.

Although we receive many entries for the Challenges we can only choose one, and although they all have an individuality in how they were created, we feel they all need praise for the efforts each and every one of you has put in.  We are constantly amazed at the quality of the challenges you submit, and delighted to have your work displayed in the shop and on the Blog. 

All winners have been emailed with their prize details, and just need to let Scrapville know how they wish to receive their prizes.  Once again, and without further ado, I would like to Congratulate the following people for their winning contributions to the Scrapville Challenges:

Sketch Layouts
Kerstin Lancaster
Roseanne Cook

Kylie gW

Sketch Cards
Deb Clark
Zan Boyle

Monthly Packs
Roz Langridge
Di Corbitt
Zan Boyle
Congratulations everyone, and thanks for joining in at Scrapville!


Nov 25, 2011

An Added Burst..

Here we go everyone, a few more ScrapBurst to feast your eyes on.  Have a look at all the different layouts and how different they are.Such a wonderful effort by everyone, so keep it up - not long now before these Challenges finish!
Cheeky by Di Corbitt
SB #4 Embossing
Painting by Judy Laracy
SB #4 Embossing
How different are these layouts - and good is the embossing?  What a great variation in the styles, well done girls.

Not long now, less than a week to go for the ScrapBurst challenges to finish so if you haven't finished yours yet you'd best take advantage of this delightfully "wet weather" to get Scrapping!


More Monthly Pack Layouts

It's so nice to see everyone getting so much out of their Monthly Packs.  Having already completed 2 layouts with this pack Zan has come up with another one.  Perfect for putting together her heritage layouts of those hard to scrap photos from days gone by.  I hope you are all enjoying your packs and getting lots done as well.
Blushing Bride by Zan Boyle
Eight by Heather Bensley (CT)

Heather has put her layout together this month using the lovely embellishments in the booster pack.  Containing a number of buttons and brads in co-ordinating colours and differing sizes, they make it so easy to add that little bit more.  Heather has also used her beaded and Gimp trims, and very creatively put together a flower using the material from the main pack.
A closer look at the spray of buttons and the handmade flower, inked to add a distressed look.
Here we can see where Heather has used her machine stitching around the borders of the patterned papers, and used border punches to add further interest.
The distressed cardstock edging, the torn border punch at the top of the outside frame and the Gimp trim add to the theme of the papers.  Very nice Heather.

There are still a few Monthly Packs in store, and the Challenge ends on 30th November if you would like to take part.  Happy Scrapping girls!


Nov 24, 2011

Another Burst...

Well here we have some more ScrapBursts to share with you.  We hope you have enjoyed playing along, and if you haven't got your challenges in yet you still have until the 30th November to get them done.  It really has been great seeing what everyone comes up with, and what a great way to use up a bit of that stash!

Have a look below, and don't forget to leave the girls a comment.
Our Benni Boy by Deb Clark
SB #2 Stitching
Friends by Judy Laracy
SB #2 Stitching 

Graduate by Deb Clark
 SB #3 Numbers

Squished by Di Corbitt
SB #3 Numbers
 Splash by Judy Laracy
SB #3 Numbers
The girls are really getting into theScrapBursts, which is great to see, lots of stash being used!  Stay tuned for the next post.


Nov 21, 2011


Hi Everyone, well we have now completed the final Blind CropVille for 2011!  What a great year it has been with some fantastic classes, great techniques, and a bit of a different spin on some old ones!  Working with Sally to come up with something different each month has been a pleasure, and I can only hope that more people will get to experience a BCV for themselves next year.

This time round we touched on embossing, paper piercing, a little munch with a punch, inking, creating a hidden pocket for a journaling tag,  and some permanent inking on embossed acrylic letters.  I don't have all the images to display, which is a shame as the difference in the lettering was quite stunning from one to the next.  All the layouts look great and I'm sure the girls came away with something new to try at home.
Dream by Heather Bensley (CT)
Lunch by Jennie Seal
Girls by Max Rusk
Munch by Judy Laracy
Snag by Di Corbitt
Munch by Sally Clark (CT)

Here is the Master Layout that Sally started with.
This one gives you a peek at the embossing on the cutout, inked to add more definition to the piercings.
And here we can see the embossing on the acrylic alphas, which are then stitched onto the page.
And this is where the hidden journalling tag has been "munched" in behind the photo!

Well done girls, great layouts and another great class from Sally.  I can hardly wait until 2012 to see what we have in store there!  Thanks to everyone who took part in this years BCV's, and I hope you enjoyed them.


Nov 19, 2011

November Sketch Layouts

Well we're off the starter's mark with our first Sketch Challenge in, and I must say I'm very impressed. I've been absolutely chomping at the bit to see what everyone is going to come up with for this one.  Plenty of times though girls, they're due in at Pumpkin Time on December 15th.
Happy Days by 'Zan Boyle
Lots and lots and lots of fussy cutting from 'Zan - your poor hands!  From the grin on your face when you brought this into Scrapville, I'd say the ol' hands were a bit of an afterthought hey?  I love what you've done though, lots of layering and great colours, even a bit of stamping and masking.  Well done.

Hanging out to see the rest girls.....


ScrapBurst Layouts

Time to share a few more ScrapBurst layouts with you all.  You still have time to get yours done, with the deadline 30th November and 4 Challenges to have a go at.
Pizzazz & Fun! by Deb Clark
SB #1 - Metals
I've got the feeling Deb didn't need to raid hubby's shed for that metal!  Just lovely Deb, and what a beautiful photo.  One down!
Flowers in my Garden by Judy Laracy
SB #1 -  Metals
The things you can do with a bit of wire and some lemonade cans!  How good do those butterflies look?!  Well done Judy, good to see you even used the ring pulls.
 Friendship by 'Zan Boyle
SB #3 - Numbers
We've added up the numbers and 1 to 5 are all accounted for!  You are officially ScrapBursted!!  Well done.

Don't forget you have until the 30th November to get your ScrapBursts in.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!