May 30, 2013

May/June Sketch - Post 3

Hi everyone, I hope you're all rugged up and enjoying the rain.  Today we are sharing some more Sketch Challenges.  I hope you enjoy the inspiration.
Yummy 'mato by Heather Bensley (CT)
Heather's pinwheels are a great addition to boys pages.
Smile by Jennie Seal
Thanks for playing girls, two very inspiring and beautiful creations.


May 27, 2013

May Monthly Pack - P 2

Hello everyone and welcome another Monthly Pack post.  We are almost at the end of our challenge deadline, so I hope you've managed to get your entry finished.  Don't forget to upload to the Linky on the sidebar,  it'll be Pumpkin Time before you know it!
Brisbane 1898 by Debi Clark (CT)
Little Tree Huggers by Anita Bownds (CT)
Splish Splash by Heather Bensley (CT)

Thanks to our wonderful Creative Team for sharing their creations.


May/June Sketch - Post 2

Hi everyone, here are a few more sketches to inspire you all to give this challenge a go.  You have until Pumpkin Time June 14th to get yours in, and we're nearly half way through now so let's get moving....

But first, we have to announce the winner of the April/May Sketch Challenge.  With all the votes in, I'd like to thank everyone who entered, and hope you enjoyed playing along.  Please join me in congratulating DEB PULFORD for her entry
Crashing Heidi
And now, for some of our current sketches
Mine Own by Debi Clark (CT)
  Brandon and Thomas by Hollie
Be sure to leave the girls a comment for their wonderful work.


May 20, 2013

May/June Sketch - Post 1

I hope you are having fun with our Sketches, Anita works hard for us at Scrapville to bring you these wonderful designs.  We're sharing a few projects with you today, and hope you enjoy the creativity.
Wishes Card by Debi Clark (CT)
Old Friends by Zan Boyle
Our Litte Fairy's One by Hannah Odgers
Thanks girls, it's always inspiring to see what everyone comes up with.  I'm looking forward to sharing more shortly.


May Monthly Pack Layouts - P1

Hi everyone, today we are sharing some inspiring work from the Creative Team girls. We have 2 weeks left before the challenges close, so I hope you manage to pick one up and join us.
Watermelon Yum by Anita Bownds (CT)
Cute by Debi Clark (CT)
Two very different takes on the Monthly Pack, with lots of white space, inks and paints in one and lots of background with a very central main focus in the other!  Mind you, both have a central main focus - they both come at them from different angles.  We will have more shortly - let's wait and see what they'll come up with.


May 15, 2013

May/June Sketch Challenge

Welcome to the next Sketch Challenge, featuring two wonderful designs by Anita.  The entries are due in Pumpkin Time June 14th.  Check out the Rules Page for more info.
 Layout Sketch
 Card Sketch
We'll be sharing inspiration from the Creative Team with you all shortly, and look forward to seeing what your take is on Anita's wonderful Sketches.  Come and join the challenge.


Sketch Challenge - Post 4

The last of the Sketch Challenges to make it.  I apologize for the lateness of this upload, the internet was not kind to me at home last night so today I am playing catch up!!
Sweet Heart by Delsie Mowbray
Thanks to everyone who put in an entry, we love seeing how you use the Scrapville Sketches.
Stay tuned for the winners announcement...


May 14, 2013

Sketch Challenge - Post 3

Pumpkin Time is quickly ticking away, so I hope you get your challenges uploaded in time.  Today we are sharing some more layouts for the sketch challenge.  Thanks for playing along girls.
Happy Moment by Judy Laracy
 **Newbie**     Dancing by Hannah Odgers
Spring by Delsie Mowbray
Pumpkin Time is midnight, let's go.....


May 13, 2013

Sketch Challenge - Post 2

Hi Everyone, here we are sharing more Sketch Challenges in our 2nd Post.  I hope you are enjoying the inspiration and giving Anita's designs a go!
I Do by Deb Blunden
Dad Card by Zan Boyle
What a great take on a male card, soft enough to still be blokey and a great colour combination.  Well done girls, a lovely take on Anita's Sketches.


May 11, 2013

Sketch Challenge - Post 1

Hi everyone, well we're on the downhill run to Pumpkin Time with the sketch challenges.  Midnight May 14th is close off so be sure to upload to the Linky.
Queen Bee by Jennie Seal
Very Sweet by Zan Boyle
Both layouts are very vibrant in their own right.  Jennie has utilized her border punches and paint spattering whilst Zan has added pretty handmade flowers.  Scrapville has a whole range of these petals in gorgeous colours, and the resulting florals have been wonderful on both cards and layouts.

Thanks for playing girls, we'll have more shortly.


May 6, 2013

ScrapBurst Winners

How did you all enjoy our ScrapBursts? And what about our new addition - the Card Bursts?  Thank you to everyone who took part, we had such a wonderful response, and such a variety of inspiration.  Thanks also to the Creative Team girls who put up some great creations.

Now that we’ve closed the voting, we’d like to announce the winners from each section.
Congratulations to each of the winners in both the ScrapBurst and Card Burst challenges:  
#1 – NUMBERS Jennie Seal

#2 – PLACE OR THING Alana Burge

#3 – WH, OR/YELLOW Gwen Ledwidge

#4 – SPELLBINDERS Delsie Mowbray

#1 – NUMBERS Di Corbitt

#2 – PLACE OR THING Zan Boyle

#3 – WHITE & ORANGE Anthea English

#4 – SPELLBINDERS Roz Langridge

Please contact Scrapville to arrange to collection or delivery of your prizes.
Congratulations and thank you all again.


May 2, 2013

May Monthly Pack

Well there's nothing like change, or so they say.  After having a pretty full-on March/April with our ScrapBursts and CardBursts, we are changing up the Monthly Pack.  We hope you will all support Scrapville and embrace these changes, and we look forward to seeing some creative outcomes.  We'll be sharing a little inspiration from the Creative Team shortly, but we are keen to see what you come up with.

We will be choosing a variety of co-ordinating patterned papers each month, and matching them up with an array of embellishments, ribbons, bling, flowers or stickers to compliment the pack.  This all depends on the style and colour tones of the papers, but we can assure you that it will all match in and offer plenty of inspiration.

But wait, there's more...  We want to offer you more of a challenge when purchasing the Monthly Pack.  You will now have a number of options to complete before your Layout or Card can be submitted into the challenges.  These apply strictly to the Pack, and will change each month.  Be sure to read the requirements list before you start and you'll be in the running for great Prizes.
May Monthly Pack

Hues of Red, White, Browns & Greens
Patterns of Script, Flourishes, Flora
Supporting Basic Grey
1 x White Bazzil Cardstock
1 x Black Bazzil Cardstock
5 x Patterned Papers
12" strip of Green Glitter Cardstock
12" of Cream Twill
12" of Red with Bronze Dot Trim
6" of Black Pom Pom Trim
Red Sticky Bling
Black Buttons
Tissue Paper

The Requirements List for May
  1. 2 or more pieces of trim
  2. 3 patterned papers to be used on the page
  3. 2 photos.
Please ensure your layout includes a Title, and only the pack products are used.  Techniques such as inking, paints, stitching, misting or doodling are allowed.  You CAN use other elements on your card, but you MUST have the above 3 criteria to qualifyYour exception is that you use your own Alphas for the Title.
Card or Card Set
  1. Handmade flower/s to be used on the card.
  2. 1 piece of trim.
  3. 3 patterned papers.
Please ensure your card contains a sentiment, and you CAN use other elements from the pack on your card, but you MUST have the above 3 criteria to qualify. Please ensure only the pack products are used to create your card/s. Techniques such as inking, paints, stitching, misting or doodling are allowed.

To be considered for prizes from Scrapville please be aware that you must follow the Requirements for each challenge, using the pack and supported retail products.  The challenge closes Pumpkin Time (midnight) on May 31st.  Prizes will be awarded by highest votes taken from the Creative Team.  And don't forget to link your completed project back to your Blog, using your actual Blog Posting of the Challenge as the link.

We look forward to another creative month with you all, and hope you find the Monthly Pack challenging and inspiring.

Janet & The Team  

May 1, 2013

April ScrapBursts - Post 14

Hi everyone, well here we are at an expired Pumpkin Time for the ScrapBurst challenges, and I still haven't managed to get this last post up!  So here we have it, all entries have now closed AND WHAThave had so many wonderful entries, it's been great.  Thanks to everyone who took part, and be sure to stay tuned for the winners announcement shortly...  But first, some more challenges to share...
Taking Time by Debi Clark (CT)
Congratulations Card by Debi Clark (CT)
Dress Card by Delsie Mowbray

CB#2-Place or Thing
Lavendar Card by Delsie Mowbray
CB#3-White & Orange/Yellow
Windows Card by Delsie Mowbray
Butterfly Frame by Delsie Mowbray

 Thanks Card by Alana Burge

Great to see such wonderful creations, thank you to everyone for joining in.  Once the votes are in we will be announcing the winners.