Dec 15, 2013

Dec Sketch Post #2

Hi Everyone, just a quick one to share another layout for this month's Sketch Challenge here at Scrapville.  I really enjoyed a bit of scrapping time, and would like to thank my sister, Marilyn, for the fantastic photos.  I always believed Artichokes were an "acquired taste", up there with Grapefruit, Turnips and Sprouts!!
BEE UTIFUL by Janet Watt (CT)

Thanks for looking, and I hope you get a chance to join in.


Dec 13, 2013

Dec Sketch Post #1

Today we are sharing some of our entries for the sketch challenges.  These sketches have been put up by Anita, so I hope you are inspired by her wonderful designs and have a go.
Colorful by Zan Boyle
 GRRR.. by Jennie Seal
Two very bright and colourful layouts, each with their typical girl/boy styles.  It's always great to see a take on both gender aspects of a sketch so that it opens a few more creative doors.  Will be sharing more soon!


Dec 11, 2013

SB Post #4

These are the last o the ScrapBurst entries. Apologies for the delay in uploading, and thanks to everyone who took part.

The Shed by Judy Laracy

Cutting and Carting Fence Posts by Judy Laracy
Thanks by Zan Boyle
I hope you were able to challenge yourself and have a go at the ScrapBursts.  Rural life is such a big part of Australia, and something I like to think we could all experience somehow.

Thanks everyone.


Dec 3, 2013

November Sketches Post

Hello all, today we are sharing some more entries for the Sketch Challenge.  These are the last ones for November, so I hope you have been inspired by Anita's monthly designs, and found time to try them.  Pumpkin Time has passed us by so this is the last of the entries posted for you.
Out with Friends by Zan Boyle

Magic Mountain Holiday by Dawn Collins
Franz Joseph Glacier by Judy Laracy
Thanks for your challenge entries girls, we've got a great contrast of interpretations here.  Stay posted for our winner announced in a couple of days.


Dec 1, 2013


December Sketch Challenges

Hi everyone, welcome to the latest Sketch Challenges for this month. Thanks again to Anita for continuing to inspire us all with her creative designs.

Please be sure to get your challenge entries into Scrapville by Pumpkin  Time December 31st, 
or email them to me here before close off. Have fun everyone!