Feb 27, 2010

What a card...

Well someone's been rather busy, Deb J has been working very hard on the Feb Card Sketch and sent us four of her wonderful creations.
Well done on a fabulous effort Deb, and thanks for sharing your cards as they are just beautiful!

Feb 25, 2010

Feb Sketches

Well we've had some very busy and inspired people about lately, have a look at these Sketch Challenges!! The girls have all been very busy, and look how different they all are.  I think this is a great effort by everyone.  With a couple of weeks to go before this sketch finishes, I am really keen to see what else comes in.  Well done girls, beautiful work.



Jodi's Matching Card

A nice bit of detail in Gail's quilled flower centres.
 Don't forget now, from the 15th to the 15th, so still time to get a few more in!!

Feb Monthly Pack's Completed

Hello Everyone,
we have had another great start at Scrapville with all the Monthly Packs being sold, and completed projects coming in.  Below is a few more contributions using the Imaginisce Lucy Bird range of papers.
We hope they inspire you to try something new.


Kaylene's Card

The layouts and Kaylene's card look just fantastic.  It's great to see what you are all doing with your work, and I am very sure inspiring to all our onlookers!  Using a pack is always exciting because we get to see how others create using the same products.  Looking forward to the rest of our Monthly Packers sending in their projects.

Feb 24, 2010

Imaginisce February Sketch...

Imaginisce have been running their very first sketch challenge and a few of our creative ladies have taken up the challenge and entered, so we decided to upload them here on the Scrapville blog to share... we wish you luck girls! Especially as the prize is a fabulous i-top package valued at over $75 (US) WOW!
Sparkle by Heather Bensley
 All Gone by Allana Adrien

A few more layouts to come which we will upload shortly.
Happy Scrapping!

Feb 23, 2010

March Pack Sneak Peek...

Just thought we'd share a sneak peek of the March Pack that is being put together... it's one for the boys, bright and funky with lots of little creatures and fun patterns and prints... not long to wait now!

Feb 21, 2010

Little Thank You

Hello Fellow Creative Spirits,
I thought I would take a moment to say "Thank You" to you all for popping into the shop, signing onto the email listing, jumping onto the Blog and Following me (without any signs of stalking....), and coming to a CropVille or two.

It has been wonderful getting to know you all, seeing your excitement, and seeing your lovely work displayed in the shop and on the Blog.  The interest in the Monthly Packs and Sketch Challenges has been just wonderful, proving that we do indeed have some very creative people out there feeling inspired.

To my Creative Team girls, I say a very warm and fuzzy "Thank You Both So Much".  Not just for all your wonderfully inspiring projects admired throughout the shop and on the Blog, but also for your support.  Some days it's a long way out of that big brown box, and I know you are both there, standing over me, saying "get back in there, there's more stock to come out!!"................ oh, and "it's ok, we're here now, you can keep ordering......." and then the "now get back in that box!!!".....................
No seriously, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou both so much.........................

I would also like to send a warm and fuzzy "Welcome" to Allana, who many of you may have already seen amongst the shelves and behind the counter at Scrapville.  Allana will be joining me in the shop during the week, and comes to Scrapville with a vast and welcoming background in retail.  I am looking forward to having her beside me at Scrapville, and being a part of our Team. 

Looking forward to moving on with you all.


Feb 18, 2010

CropVille Booking Dates Added

Hello All,
just a little reminder that you need to book for CropVille to secure a place.  I am amending this post so that you can see what's available at CropVille.

Friday 26th Feb I am booked out.
(2 days left for the Monthly Packs to be in.....)

Saturday 27th Feb I am opening bookings for an afternoon 'Mother/Daughter CropVille'.
Commencing 3pm to 5pm.
Refreshments provided.
Cost: $8.00 per booking (..that pays for both of you!)
  • Your daughter (or guest) should be of an age competent in handling scrapbooking tools (such as scissors or trimmers),
  • your daughter (or guest) will be under your direct supervision,
  • your daughter (or guest) will be invited to display projects completed at this booking on the Scrapville Blog, with your permission,
  • ..... and if she misbehaves you'll hear about it from ME!!!
Saturday 6th March is open for bookings.
(please bear in mind that this is also the Victorian Labour Day Long Weekend, so don't book in if you are going away for the weekend......)

Hope you get a chance to fit some CropVille in, but if not enjoy your Creativity!


Drum Roll please...

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in the January Sketch challenge, your creativity was a joy to see and the vast array of layouts was amazing!
We are definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the February challenge, especially as we now have a new card sketch.
Okay, I have dragged it out long enough.  After carefully writing everyone's names down and cutting out each individual little piece of paper, my husband was selected to randomly draw out the winning entry, and our winner for the January Sketch Challenge is.........

Congrats!! Marg for getting on board and being a part of the Scrapville Blog Challenges.  You will be receiving something special from Scrapville shortly.
The Scrapville Team has been exceptionally pleased with the response to the Sketch Challenge, so we decided to give away a small prize to another randomly chosen entrant...
So, could both Marg and Anthea email us with their addresses or pop into the store to pick up their prize.

Looking forward to seeing the next round of wonderful entries to the new February sketch challenge.
Happy Scrapping...

Feb 15, 2010

February Sketch Reveal!

Good morning to all!
Today is the big reveal for the February Sketch Challenges, and in addition to a layout sketch we have decided to add a card sketch for those of you who love to create cards. And, you are more than welcome to have a go at both sketches if you choose!
Now the sketch is there purely for inspiration, you can flip it, alter it however you like, but the original sketch design must be recognisable. And, if you use it for anything other than to enter the challenge, please give credit to the designer.
February Layout Sketch
Melinda's Sample Layout
February Card Sketch
Melinda's Sample Card
Looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations, both with the layout sketch and the card sketch. Please don't forget to pop back this evening for the big announcement on our January Sketch Challenge winner!
Happy creating...

Feb 14, 2010

February Monthly Pack - First Entry!

We have our very first February monthly pack entry already!!!
Wowsers Cass, you go girlfriend!! And such an adorable little subject too.  I love how it all came together for you, 'CropVille' was a very good night for some girls indeed! Well done.

Cassie Van Malsem

Our February monthly pack has been going great... put together with cuteness in mind, it included papers from the Imaginisce Lucy Bird range, and associated products.

The kit includes: 1 x ribbed white c/s,
4 x Imaginisce Lucy Bird papers (New Release)
1 metre d/s ribbon
4 bling brads
1 x Sandie's Handmade Daisies
2 x co-ordinating 2.5cm flowers
3 x small chocolate flowers
2 x co-ordinating buttons
All for just $15.00

Packs have been available in-store for the first week and now they are on offer to our three on-line followers within Australia who expressed interest in the pack.  I will have them posted out Tuesday once I have confirmed mailing and payment details.  Please email me with your details if you have not done so already.

If you are still interested in picking up the last one, hurry on in-store before it gets snapped up.

Now, just to clarify how the Monthly Pack Criteria works, just follow the outline below and you should be fine.
  • Entries must use only the contents of the pack.
  • Even though the products are included, you do not have to use ALL the products on your layout, (or your card) so if you don't need to, leave it out!!
  • You may use inking, stitching and doodling to enhance the effects of your layout.
  • You may embellish a brad daddy using the Imaginisce i-top or lettering with the contents of the pack.
  • You may use this pack to produce a CARD/CARDS if you prefer.
  • You may use EITHER a rub-on lettering OR other lettering for a TITLE - but just ONE...
With all this in mind please email your completed project to scrapville@iinet.net.au, or bring it in-store for Janet to display and upload to the Blog.  There will be prizes so please have a go.

Thank you everyone for getting behind the Scrapville Challenges and Monthly Packs.  There has been a great response from you all, and I am seeing some wonderful work and people really exploring their talents.  Have fun with it all.

The Pumpkin Entries...

Well, I say Pumpkin Entries, but in all honestly Melanie did get hers in a few days ago (gosh, I even had her mother in checking that I had it! - you'll keep me on my toes Margaret!).  It has been waiting patiently to be uploaded, and I decided to put it in with the 'real' Pumpkin Entries!  So have a look at Melanie's lovely layout of her daughter's 10th birthday.  I am SO looking you up when I need a Cake - check it out girls, that's one seriously gorgeous ladybird cake!!!  Thanks for getting it in, I know you had a slight delay in doing so.

Melanie Harvy

Below are the last of the Sketch Challenge entries.  Great effort by the girls to get them in.  Thank you ladies.
Cheryl Robyl

Allana Adrien
Julie Walsh
I could not have asked for a better response for the very first Scrapville Sketch challenge, thank you to everyone who participated.
Tomorrow we will have our brand new February sketches for both a layout and card, plus the big announcement of our January sketch winner.

Love is in the air.............even if he doesn't care..........

Well Hello Again everyone, are you feeling the loooooooove now??? 

Happy Happy Valentines Day!!!  I'm cyber sensing that there are a few hard up fellows out there that just aren't going to get the whole thing - and we all need a little lift on Valentine's Day!  Those of you fortunate enough to receive that special offer of a few beers down the pub where he actually shouts you Chinese without touching your purse - Wowsers!, on a roll girlfriend!  (you out there HW???)

Now, if your bloke actually has a bit of romance left in his second last toe on the left foot (and we ALL know he's right footed......), he just might offer up that special gig at a fancy restaurant with bubbly wine that matches the sparkle in your eyes and tickles your little nose...

Don't you go stomping his foot when he puts his hand out for you to pay the bill girlfriend - it's bound to drain all the blood to his foot!!  But listen here, go the whole hog, don't you go wearing your Cadbury's Special form fit M-Edition Undies (sorry girls - had to be there... ) get out there and dust off them G Bangers, give 'em a spring clean, add a dash of your favourite perfume, and when he finds them wrapped around his beer in the fridge when he gets home, well................ he'll probably be really grateful that you've made the effort to nurture his beer with all the love and affection that he gives it!  ...............sad but workable! 

Now don't you go knocking over the children in your mad dash to answer the door for that magnificent bunch of flowers you're expecting to be delivered..

And don't go doing your head in with overwhelming thoughts of all the possibilities that he could soberly muster for something resembling a passionate or romantic poem that might be found on the card with the flowers...  

And you might just have to dig out those G Bangers after all, the ones with the side panels and the extra suspension adjustments, especially if you're going to get into that favourite outfit that you want to wear to that extra special exquisite restaurant in the city.

Now that really is the place to be seen, even thought you're so excited you can't eat the minute morsel of exquisitely decorated little green things on the plate, and he'll already want to stop and get pizza on the way out the door...  

And don't you go worrying your pretty little head about where the heck that limo is going to park when it comes to pick you up, those drivers are licensed to man-oova those things!  (well I just did a spell check, and it just-didn't-look-right!!)

So, then he sweeps you out of the extra special exquisite restaurant (see, I could spell that!!) and in through the front door of the most luxurious hotel in town, all set to  romantically and passionately fulfill the raging flame of pre-marital, pre-children, pre-scrapping lust, in a night of all nights!!!...........

Oh No!!!  Sugar Honey Ice Tea, I have to go......... that'll be the LIMO!!!!!

Have a good one girls........................... YOU REALLY DO DESERVE IT!!!!

Feb 11, 2010

February Sketch Sneak Peek...

Sneak Peek of Feb Sketch Layout
Sneak Peek of Feb Card Sketch
Can you believe we are almost half way through February already, where do the months go?
We have had such a wonderful response to the very first Scrapville Sketch for January, that we thought we'd wet everyone's appetites with a wee sneak peek of what's to come for February.

The rules will be the same, however we are adding a second sketch for those of you that prefer to make cards. Now, that doesn't stop people from doing both sketches, the more the merrier!
Don't forget, you still have until midnight, February 14th to finish your January sketch layout before the Magic Random Winner Generator begins doing it's thing!
Happy crafting...

Tick, tick, tick, tick....

....time is ticking away as we near pumpkin time for the close off of the January Sketch Challenge. To add to the current challenges is Michelle's take on the sketch, featuring her children and their new baby cousin, Ruby.  And such a lovely take on the layout with Valentines Day so near, and all those lovely hearts.  I like how you worked them in with the flourishes.  Little Ruby looks like she's getting a fair bit of love!  And I've got to say, get a load of Sam's hair!!!  LOL...
Michelle Rogers

Thanks for sharing Michelle, and I know there are a few more of you out there with layouts to come in, so let's get cracking - time is ticking!!!


CropVille is open for bookings, the first one this Friday night.
Numbers will be limited, so please contact me to book in, either by reply to this post or in-store.

When: Friday 12th February.
Time: 7pm to Midnight.
Cost: $12.00
Finger Food & Tea/Coffee provided.
Please ensure you bring your own tools.
Cutting mats will be provided.
Use of workshop machines available on request.
The shop will be open to CropVille customers attending the crop.

I will be alternating CropVille with Friday and Saturday nights.  The next dates are:
Saturday, 20th February.
Friday, 26th February.
All details as above remain the same, bookings are open.

Feb 10, 2010

Grand Opening Day

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the re-vamp of the Scrapville Grand Opening Day.  It was my pleasure to hold an open day to announce Scrapville to everyone, and display the variety of scrapbooking, card making and papercraft products available in-store.  The open day also provided the opportunity for demonstrations of our products and tools by the Scrapville Creative Team girls.  I could not have wished for a better network of support from my very good friends, and my Creative Team Girls.  Their efforts were unquestionable, and I felt deeply touched by their eagerness to pitch in and help to get all the new stock out and onto the shelves so that you, our backbone, would benefit on the day.

Leading up to the Grand Opening saw several situations arise that proved challenging in meeting the planned criteria for the day.  I am somewhat relieved to say that we have now surpassed those challenges,and can now move forward.  I am confident that as we continue to grow, we will also continue to improve in our ability to offer the best service, support and creative opportunities to all those that venture into Scrapville.

For all those that entered through the doors of Scrapville on Saturday, a lucky door raffle ticket was given out.  From these random tickets were selected  for a little RAK from Scrapville.  I look forward to seeing the following lucky people in-store soon to collect your little gift.

     1. Di C E12
     2. Margie DD E25
     3. Judy L E17

And I have not forgotten those eager Blog Followers that have also supported Scrapville in the Cyber World of scrapping and creativity.  A random follower has also been drawn , and if Cassie would like to call in soon, I also have a little RAK for you!

Cong Rats!! to those lucky people receiving a gift, and thanks heaps for supporting Scrapville.

Thank you to ground crew support for supplying sustenance provisions for the girls, and fluffing around the shop looking interested.  The continuing dent in the chocolate stash was considerably stabilized upon your departures to the cinema..................... no really, thank you deeply dear family!
 The Rappa-Villa Boys!
Lui, Riley & Brayden
To Allana I would like to say a HUGE thank you for stepping in and cracking the retail whip amongst the girls!  Gave me time to fluff around, meet the people and dull the nerves.....  Your assistance was and is greatly appreciated, your work ethic impeccable!
Janet & Allana
(the little one being held back as she attempts to get the wine is the boss.....)

And to the Creative Team girls, Sally and Melinda, a MEGA HUGE thank you for not stuffing up the demo's....... nah - I had faith!  You are both very dear to me, and your friendship and support is something I value enormously.  Your efforts in supporting both ME and SCRAPVILLE have been amazing, and I am feeling lots of warm and fuzzy things..........  Thank you both Girlfriend!!!!

Allana, Melinda, Janet and Sally

To the Welcoming, Greeting and in-store assistance provided by Kaylene and Emily, I thank you both.  I am sure that the customers who walked through the door were met by your cheerful and welcoming faces, and at once felt relaxed and comfortable.

Kaylene and Emily

Well, last but not least I would like to thank all our creative friends out there that ventured into the shop for the Grand Opening Day, that have already been into the shop, and that I hope will one day 'make it' into the shop!  Thanks for your support, it's what we're all about!

Should anyone like to make further inquiries regarding the tools and equipment that were demonstrated, please call in and see me, or send me an email.  I am happy to arrange further demonstrations in-store for those interested.  For anyone interested in the tools or equipment demonstrated, I am placing new orders this week to replenish the stock sold.

Thanks for coming everyone.


Feb 9, 2010

One more for the Sketch Challenge

With the deadline to the Sketch Challenge creeping up on us, we have one more entry to show you all.  Below is Anthea's take on the challenge, featuring her little boy at his 10th Birthday.  How much difference has a few scalloped edges made to this layout?  It softens the effect, and the colours just look great together... (oh, and I would just looove a piece of that cake!!).  Very nice, well done.

Anthea English

Now I must say, I have been extremely pleased with the effort everyone has made to take part in the first Sketch Challenge.  It's just great to see all your work, and meet you in the shop when you drop your projects in.  Can't wait to see what else comes in before pumpkin time...............

Feb 8, 2010

Feeling the Love..

Hello everyone, are you feeling the loooooooove??? 

It's almost Valentines Day, which incidentally co-incides with the deadline of our first on-line sketch challenge.   I am hoping you get your sketch challenges out of the way so that you can enjoy your Valentines Day in the most romantic way possible..... of course I won't judge you if he buys you a few beers and shouts you Chinese - as long as he pays!!  If you happen to get a gig at a fancy restaurant with bubbly wine that matches the sparkle in your eyes, hey I'm all for it!  But don't you dare knock back the Cadbury's Favourites he silently leaves on the kitchen table, or your best and most favourite roses that he's pulled (not cut...) off your rose bush out the front, because honestly - they really don't know...  And if you get the most magnificent bunch of flowers delivered to you on the day, with a note to be ready for a meal at the most exquisite restaurant in the city that night, then get swept through the front door of the most luxurious hotel in town, and endure the most romantic and passionate night of nights - well suck it up baby, either you ain't married yet or he's someone's else's husband!! ...........yeah, I wish!!!!  Guaranteed, if I get flowers the receipt will still be attached just  so that  I know how much of a waste of money they were, and the chocolates will be lucky to see it through to the next night once the boys have spotted them............... but he will make the effort to do it, and that's what matters! awwwwwwww

Feel the love ladies, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

February Monthly Pack

Well, here it is- our very own first Monthly Pack from Scrapville. We hope you will enjoy the challenge of this pack, inspired by the Imaginisce Lucy Bird range.  For those of you wanting to participate in the monthly pack challenge, please refer to the criteria at the end of this post.  You will find included in this pack the following papers from the Lucy Bird range, and associated products.

1 x ribbed white c/s
4 x Imaginisce Lucy Bird papers (New Release)
1 metre d/s ribbon
4 bling brads
1 x Sandie's Handmade Daisies
2 x co-ordinating 2.5cm flowers
3 x small chocolate flowers
2 x co-ordinating buttons

All for just $15.00

Packs are available in store.
Entries to the Monthly Pack Challenge for February must use only the contents of the pack.
You are not limited to having to use 'everything' in the pack, so if you don't need to, leave it out!!
Even though the products are included, you do not have to use ALL the products on your layout.
You may use inking, stitching and doodling to enhance the effects of your layout.

You may use this pack to produce a CARD/CARDS if you wish.

You may use EITHER a rub-on lettering OR other lettering - but just ONE...

With all this in mind please email your completed project to scrapville@iinet.net.au, or bring it in-store for Janet to display and upload to the Blog.  There will be prizes so please have a go.

Our Creative Team layouts will follow shortly - but we want to see what YOU do!!!



Feb 1, 2010

A sketch from the West...

Rachel (aka Pepper)
We have received our first sketch entry all the way from Western Australia... Rachel has sent in this wonderful layout of her 'middle' daughter using some very gorgeous Basic Grey papers.
The response to our very first sketch challenge has been amazing, so keep those entries coming because you only have 13 more sleeps to go. 

Another Sketch Challenge

The next entrant in the Sketch Challenge is from Mandy Kinder.  Already featured as the subject in another entry, Mandy now enters her own layout.  What a great fun paper, I hope those little bouncing frogs are not a reflection of what those kids are belting?!  The bunting effect of the papers looks great, and the mix of layered flowers around the photo shows real depth.  Well done Mandy.

Mandy Kinder

Don't forget that you have until midnight on the 14th Feb to get your challenges in.  We look forward to seeing them all.