Feb 8, 2010

Feeling the Love..

Hello everyone, are you feeling the loooooooove??? 

It's almost Valentines Day, which incidentally co-incides with the deadline of our first on-line sketch challenge.   I am hoping you get your sketch challenges out of the way so that you can enjoy your Valentines Day in the most romantic way possible..... of course I won't judge you if he buys you a few beers and shouts you Chinese - as long as he pays!!  If you happen to get a gig at a fancy restaurant with bubbly wine that matches the sparkle in your eyes, hey I'm all for it!  But don't you dare knock back the Cadbury's Favourites he silently leaves on the kitchen table, or your best and most favourite roses that he's pulled (not cut...) off your rose bush out the front, because honestly - they really don't know...  And if you get the most magnificent bunch of flowers delivered to you on the day, with a note to be ready for a meal at the most exquisite restaurant in the city that night, then get swept through the front door of the most luxurious hotel in town, and endure the most romantic and passionate night of nights - well suck it up baby, either you ain't married yet or he's someone's else's husband!! ...........yeah, I wish!!!!  Guaranteed, if I get flowers the receipt will still be attached just  so that  I know how much of a waste of money they were, and the chocolates will be lucky to see it through to the next night once the boys have spotted them............... but he will make the effort to do it, and that's what matters! awwwwwwww

Feel the love ladies, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!


Heather Wynack said...

Yeah like any of that happens in my house. The day will run like this.... i will get up go to work, come home, do a few housey things, little scrapping if i'm lucky... them probably at tea time i'll say its valentines day today and DH will say.... Yep, got ya the same thing i got ya last year and for the 29 years before that...zip. Definitly not a romantic.

Scrapville said...

I thought for a minute there Heather you were going to say: "...then probably at tea time I would say "guess what you bought me at the scrapbook shop for Valentines Day today??", and he would say "What?", and you would reply, "yeah, there's more beans, want some??" and with that blank stare that men are so good at, you would reply "..29 years worth of beans!!"

Am I close? :0)

allana said...

Yeh I'm feeling the Love. Love for scrapping. Off with the girls for a scrap weekend. Scrap Valentines Day it's over rated Allana