Feb 25, 2010

Feb Sketches

Well we've had some very busy and inspired people about lately, have a look at these Sketch Challenges!! The girls have all been very busy, and look how different they all are.  I think this is a great effort by everyone.  With a couple of weeks to go before this sketch finishes, I am really keen to see what else comes in.  Well done girls, beautiful work.



Jodi's Matching Card

A nice bit of detail in Gail's quilled flower centres.
 Don't forget now, from the 15th to the 15th, so still time to get a few more in!!


Melinda Spinks said...

Sandie: I love the flower border you've put across the bottom of the pics with all the buttons, and your bling flourish is just wonderful.
Jackie: Love those little cards, must have taken you ages to cut them all out, such a beautiful pic too!
Jodie: How clever to turn the sketch around. You've done some amazing doodling work and I love the flowers.
Gail: Quilling!!! I love quilling and it's so nice to see someone use it on a layout. Very pretty layout indeed.

Sally Clark said...

What can I say? They are fabulous, ladies.
Sandie-I love the precious photo and the colour scheme suits it so well.
Jackie-I love that you have incorporated flowers on a LO for a boy. I really struggle to do that.
Jodi-I love the doodling flourishes and the circle frame around the photo really pulls it all together. That card is pretty special too.
Gail-I love the simplicity of this LO and is that a little stamping I spy across the border at the bottom?
Well done! Keep up the GREAT work.