Feb 10, 2010

Grand Opening Day

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the re-vamp of the Scrapville Grand Opening Day.  It was my pleasure to hold an open day to announce Scrapville to everyone, and display the variety of scrapbooking, card making and papercraft products available in-store.  The open day also provided the opportunity for demonstrations of our products and tools by the Scrapville Creative Team girls.  I could not have wished for a better network of support from my very good friends, and my Creative Team Girls.  Their efforts were unquestionable, and I felt deeply touched by their eagerness to pitch in and help to get all the new stock out and onto the shelves so that you, our backbone, would benefit on the day.

Leading up to the Grand Opening saw several situations arise that proved challenging in meeting the planned criteria for the day.  I am somewhat relieved to say that we have now surpassed those challenges,and can now move forward.  I am confident that as we continue to grow, we will also continue to improve in our ability to offer the best service, support and creative opportunities to all those that venture into Scrapville.

For all those that entered through the doors of Scrapville on Saturday, a lucky door raffle ticket was given out.  From these random tickets were selected  for a little RAK from Scrapville.  I look forward to seeing the following lucky people in-store soon to collect your little gift.

     1. Di C E12
     2. Margie DD E25
     3. Judy L E17

And I have not forgotten those eager Blog Followers that have also supported Scrapville in the Cyber World of scrapping and creativity.  A random follower has also been drawn , and if Cassie would like to call in soon, I also have a little RAK for you!

Cong Rats!! to those lucky people receiving a gift, and thanks heaps for supporting Scrapville.

Thank you to ground crew support for supplying sustenance provisions for the girls, and fluffing around the shop looking interested.  The continuing dent in the chocolate stash was considerably stabilized upon your departures to the cinema..................... no really, thank you deeply dear family!
 The Rappa-Villa Boys!
Lui, Riley & Brayden
To Allana I would like to say a HUGE thank you for stepping in and cracking the retail whip amongst the girls!  Gave me time to fluff around, meet the people and dull the nerves.....  Your assistance was and is greatly appreciated, your work ethic impeccable!
Janet & Allana
(the little one being held back as she attempts to get the wine is the boss.....)

And to the Creative Team girls, Sally and Melinda, a MEGA HUGE thank you for not stuffing up the demo's....... nah - I had faith!  You are both very dear to me, and your friendship and support is something I value enormously.  Your efforts in supporting both ME and SCRAPVILLE have been amazing, and I am feeling lots of warm and fuzzy things..........  Thank you both Girlfriend!!!!

Allana, Melinda, Janet and Sally

To the Welcoming, Greeting and in-store assistance provided by Kaylene and Emily, I thank you both.  I am sure that the customers who walked through the door were met by your cheerful and welcoming faces, and at once felt relaxed and comfortable.

Kaylene and Emily

Well, last but not least I would like to thank all our creative friends out there that ventured into the shop for the Grand Opening Day, that have already been into the shop, and that I hope will one day 'make it' into the shop!  Thanks for your support, it's what we're all about!

Should anyone like to make further inquiries regarding the tools and equipment that were demonstrated, please call in and see me, or send me an email.  I am happy to arrange further demonstrations in-store for those interested.  For anyone interested in the tools or equipment demonstrated, I am placing new orders this week to replenish the stock sold.

Thanks for coming everyone.



Cassie VM said...

Oooooh, I won something! Yay!
Was planning on popping in on Saturday to grab the kit, so it'll be extra fun to get a special little gift :D
Thanks Janet - pleased your launch was a success. It was definately a hive of activity when I popped in :)

Scrapville said...

It was a great day Cassie, see you in-store Saturday!

maurice.allana said...

Love the photo of the Rappa Villa boys,
What wine, it was the beer I was after! hard work being the register chick you know.
Had a great day, lovely to meet all you scrappers out there. See you all again soon. Maybe on a crop night. Allana

DebiJ said...

A big cong-rats (what a hoot) to you Janet on the successful opening day!! Woo hoo to you! Bet it keeps going from strength to strength!

Scrapville said...

Thanks Deb, I owe a lot to my support network as well. They were great.

Moving on!

Marg said...

Ohhhhhhh it sounds like an awesome day ..... Wish I had been able to go...... CONGRATULATIONS and hope it keeps going strong.....luv marg xx

Melinda Spinks said...

The day was wonderful and it was great to meet so many of the ladies' that Janet had been talking about. The store was brimming with stock from all those brown boxes that our illustrious leader kept falling into, and... the bowls of chocolates lasted all day... thanks boys!
Melinda (aka Beaver)

Sally Clark said...

What a day...after a what a night on Friday night trying to get everything just right for the inaugural, official Grand Opening! I had a blast and want to thank janet for allowing me to be a part of this exciting new venture. GO SCRAVILLE!!!!!!