Nov 30, 2010

Birthday Sale Goes On..

Hi Everyone,
well what a wonderful day we had at Birthday Sale!  The weather was not behaving terribly well, but it was still a good day.  All the Creative Team girls were there Fluffing and Flitting about, chatting with the customers and ready to strut their stuff at the Demo Table...!  It was noted, however, that considerable Fluffing was coming from the direction of the Blokey Man, who found it necessary to question the capabilities of the Scrapville visitors to juggle their housework with their scrapping!! didn't that go down a treat?!!  There's quite possibly a good reason why he spends a considerable amount of time in that truck!

When the Fluffing is all said and done, it seems there is still discounts to be had!  Scrapville is extending the Birthday Sale through to Saturday, so if you didn't get down to grab a bargain, well now's your chance!  All items marked down will remain so until close of business on Saturday.  I am picturing brown boxes coming through the door...... but first I need to make room!!

During Birthday Sale we had everyone fill in an entry for the Lucky Door Prize.  The good news about this Prize is ............ there's THREE!  I'd like to congratulate the following three people who were drawn respectively from the Lucky Door Prize bag.  I look forward to seeing you again when you call into Scrapville to collect your Prize.  Congratulations once again to:
  1. Sarah Thompson
  2. Paula Draper
  3. Sue Slater
Don't forget to call in and pick up a raffle ticket for the Scrapbooking Tote up for grabs.  It will certainly make light work of carting all your stash around when you are heading off with the girls scrapping!  This will be drawn at the conclusion of the Birthday Sale, so be sure to pop in and grab a ticket.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for popping into Scrapville to say Hello - to Myself and The Team.  It has been an awesome year, I have met so many wonderful people from Scrappers to Card Makers to Artists and Quilters and Off the Pagers.  To those that travel far and wide and still stop in, it really has been wonderful getting to know you all.  To all those people, a big HELLO to the LITTLE people who often come along with them and help me draw pictures at the front counter, I hope I'm getting better!  A few steps ahead of the Little people are the bigger KidsVille people.  They have come along to classes and taught me the finer part of power scrapping and how to add LOTS to my pages!  They give me big smiles and put my patience in it's place...

To Allana, who has supported me with her Retail Recovery so that I can do that back office stuff.  She has been dedicated, compassionate and driven by passion.  I have appreciated your input and assistance.
To my Team:
  • Melinda: from Friendship to Beyond................from far, far, far away!  I have enjoyed having you along for the ride, and thank you for your support and friendship, and sharing your wonderfully beautiful passion through your work.
  • Sally: for always being there...................from far, far, far-er away! (I don't know if that's a word, but it darn well should be!!)  For all you are and will always be to me, for sharing your many selfless talents.
  • Marg: for trusting the ride you were about to make into unknown territory........we made it!!....go figure?  I love everything you do, and I look forward to seeing each and every challenge you take.  Thanks for your support.
  • Heather: from scrapping to avid Blogger, her creativity grows!  Your work is so refreshing, your colours exciting, and I thank you for bringing that kind of inspiration to everyone.
  • Former Guest: Anthea English: Thank you for coming on board as one of Scrapville's Guests and sharing your wonderful styles.  A little different, and a little adventurous - awesome!
To My Family: ............oh just suck it up, I'll be home soon!!!  They get that a lot, so I guess I should be thanking them for being patient, supportive, putting in the hard yards at the shop and least of all eating Blokey Man's cooking... We do what we must...  Really..........we must!  Actually they have put up with a lot of late arrivals and phone calls, and helped out where no man should be seen by their mates - amongst flowers and small bags, so for that I thank them all dearly!  It has indeed been a long haul, and they too have been there for the ride.

And on that note I'll finish my Thank You book sign off.  I am truly looking forward to all that next year brings, and I hope you will all join me for the ride!


Nov 26, 2010

Birthday Sale Give-away!

Who doesn't love a party, especially when it includes a gift!!! To help Janet celebrate Scrapville's very first birthday we are going to give away the entire Echo Park Wintertime Collection!
So who's up for the challenge? All you have to do is become a follower on the Scrapville blog and leave a message to say "Happy Birthday" to Janet and Scrapville then spread the word by posting it on your own blog or facebook or twitter, email friends etc. We will keep it open until next week 30th November and announce the winner on 1st December.
Good luck and Happy Scrapping!

Nov 25, 2010

Scrapville's Birthday Sale

Hard to believe we are there already, but yes, it's 12 months since setting out on this new business venture.  And I know you will all find this hard to believe, but I have empty brown boxes!!  What!!??  Unheard of, fancy having empty brown boxes.  It seems the only way to overcome this little problem is to have a BIRTHDAY SALE, then I'll be able to get more brown boxes and the diving can resume!

Drop in on Saturday, 27th November between 10.00am and 4.00pm, make a purchase and you'll go into the Lucky Prize draw, grab a raffle ticket for your chance to win the Scrapping Tote, sit in on a Make and Take demo, grab a bargain on the Mark Down Table, check the isles for spot discounts, chat with the Creative Team girls, and meet our newest Creative Team Member.  There will be lots going on, and we would love to see you there, so come on, "Vote 1 Scrapville" for Birthday Bargains!!!  .................. I have boxes to fill.................


Nov 23, 2010

Sketch Layouts

Here are a few more uploads for Scrapville's Sketch Competition.  There is still plenty of time to get your entries in everyone, with the close-off midnight on the 14th December!!  You will need to be in it if you want a chance to grab that $20 Scrapville Voucher....

2010 Photo Shoot by Marg Oliver - CT
Lovely layout Marg, such Christmassy colours, adore that flourish and the holly, but gosh - look at those little tackers - they are just growing so fast!

This is one for the Card Sketch.
Best Wishes by Michelle Rogers.

This layout is from last months sketch, but I still wanted to share it.  Kate just missed the deadline, but we are happy to display everyone's creativity here at Scrapville, and I loved what Kate has done with her layout - the patterned paper circles and that great chip word!

..2 B Brothers by Kate Clarke

Thanks for sharing girls, great seeing what you all get up to with the Sketches.


Nov 21, 2010

November Blind CropVille

Hi Everyone,
well, they finally finished stitching so I could upload the photos!!  The girls were all given several new techniques to try out with this month's BCV, so we are seeing some different takes on techniques.  They were girls were required to bring 3 B&W photos, half the size of a standard 6x4 in a girlie theme.  The girls were also given an option to choose Glimmer Misting their layouts or not..........  Once we had all that sorted, we were off.  Due to technological inadequacies from the photographer, there will be a couple more uploads.............. shortly.  

The first layout is the reveal from Melinda, and again a big thank you for another whip cracking Crop... and a very quiet night!!  (...must have been all that sewing......)

Showgirl by Melinda Spinks (CT)

**Beautiful by Michelle**
.......finally got that camera sorted!!
Memories by Andrea
Cute by Sarah
Lily by Marg
Welcome by Judith
Family by Jennie
Friends by Helen
Style by Allana
Twirl by Nicole
Feedtime by Di
Cupcake by Melanie
Smiles by Heather Bensley (Guest CT)
Thanks to all the girls who took part in the November Blind CropVille.  It's great seeing your take on the instructions and how you put it all together.  What a great way to try new techniques, as well as venturing a little outside your usual styles.

We have scheduled a Blind CropVille for Saturday, 18th December pending bookings.  If you would like to take part in the FINAL Blind CropVille for 2010, then you will need to book in pretty quick and pay your deposits.  Please note that this is the weekend before Christmas, so we plan to make it a special one!


Nov 19, 2010 my Friend...

Happy Birthday to a very special Friend.


Announcement - Sketch Winner

I know, I know.............. this is a bit late to hit the cyber post - but I have all the votes in and the Winner for the October Sketch Challenge is........... Di Corbit for her layout Tayla.
Well done Di, and you can collect your $20.00 Scrapville Voucher when you're in store next.

As part of being a Sketch Winner, Di will also be given a vote towards choosing the next Sketch Winner.

Thank you to all the Challenge entries, it was a close first with some very inspirational layouts.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for our November Sketch Challenges.


November Sketch Challenge

Hi Everyone and welcome our samples of the next Sketch Challenge.  Here we have some well rounded layout and card sketches to challenge your imagination.  I am sure they will inspire you all to create something wonderful for yourself.
Layout Sketch

This is what the Creative Team has put together using the above Sketches for inspiration.
My Friend Rusty by Heather Bensley (Guest CT)

This Layout is from Sam Epps using the Sketch as inspiration.

Bubble by Sam Epps

Card Sketch

Heather's Thank You Card

I'll have more to upload shortly.  Don't forget to bring your Challenges into Janet at Scrapville, or you can also email your Challenges in before the close off at midnight on 14th December. 

Nov 15, 2010

Last of the October Sketches

Here is the final challenge for the October Sketch.  The winners will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned....

Scooter Girl by Michelle Rogers

Thanks to everyone who entered the Sketch Challenge for October.  For the November Challenges we are back to the Layout and Card Sketches, so be inspired everyone!


Nov 13, 2010

Lily Bee Designs Pack

The Christmas Time range from Lily Bee Designs has proven quite a puzzle for some of our avid scrappers, not quite sure whether to work it into a Christmas themed design, or purely a more simplistic layout focusing on the lovely mix of colours.  It gives me tingles all over when I see what these lovely ladies are creating each time a new pack comes out. 

I am glad you are all getting used to working with something new and exciting each month, whether it be colours you don't normally scrap, adding elements you don't usually add, or trying out a few new techniques, those handmade flowers or some yummy Glimmer Mist to name but two.

This layout is by Heather Bensley, our Guest Creative Team member.  Here Heather has taken her inspiration from the Christmas Greens in the range, and added some lovely handmade paper flowers using the reds.  Some holly leaf cutouts from the Christmas tree patterned paper added another nice touch.  A spray of red bling, some doodled stitching with Heather's most famous scrapbooking technique (heaven forbid someone should want their pants hemmed!!), a bit of distressing of the Thickers, and you have one beautiful Christmas layout.

Tis The Season by Heather Bensley (Guest CT)

I also have another layout to share with you, and this focused on the opposite colours to those above.
Again, another nice touch to the versatility of these papers.  You may notice , however, that this is not the Monthly Pack although it is using the Lily Bee Design papers.  I was very happy to put it up so that you could see how easily these papers can be applied to different themes.  Thanks Nikki for your beautiful contribution.

My Wish... by Nikki Antonello
Detail of the masked and sketched snowflakes, and the stitching and flower cluster.

Please be sure to get your challenges in before the end of the month to be in the running for the Scrapville $20.00 Voucher.  And please be quick, as there is only a couple of Monthly Packs left.


Porcelain and Life is Good

Scrapville has been busy gathering a few more layouts from the October Monthly Packs, and I hope you will enjoy what the girls have done with them.

I really am pleased with the creativity initiated by the girls using the Porcelain range from BasicGrey.  You will need to focus carefully on the handmade paper flowers and leaves, they are just gorgeous!  I would say that the girls all seem to have drawn their inspiration from a timeless place, both old and new, and all the layouts are just beautiful - those below and in-store on the Gallery wall.
Return Soldier by Sarah Wood
Detail of Flowers/Leaves
Sweet Child by Sarah Wood

Detail of flowers...
These ones are using the Life is Good range from Echo Park...

Also from last months packs are some layouts using Echo Park's Life is Good range.  This has been quite a popular range, and the mix of pinks, teals, soft yellows and brown very much the current trend.  All the papers from Echo Park, one of the newest companies making a big hit in the scrapbooking world, are in fact proving very popular.  Take a look at these and note the simplicity drawn into the layouts.  Very nice work.  We now have a varied selection of layouts in-store on the Gallery wall, and I'd like to share the latest ones with you.

Dance by Michelle Rogers
 Cake by Sarah Wood

We are almost half way through the month, so don't forget to get those November Packs done so that we can all see what you've done with your Lily Bee Designs.


Monthly Sketch

Hello Everyone, just a bit of gentle prodding to make sure you all get your Sketches in before Pumpkin time this SUNDAY!!  ......... ticking, ticking, ticking..............

Making the challenge with plenty of time to spare, we have a Super layout from Nicky.  This was a great idea using the stars to match the circles in the sketch.  I can almost see the "Kapow!!" and "Wham!!" blasting out of the stars!  A very proud looking little BatMan too.
Super by Nicola Boyd

We want to make sure that Sarah and Deb have their work cut out for them when they both get to vote towards a winner, so make sure to get your Sketch Challenge into the shop, or send them in via email girls, time is ticking............


Nov 9, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho...

I have finally had a play with the monthly pack and have I had a wonderful time using the new Lily Bee 'Christmas Town' collection... what can I say, the colours are divine, the patterns are beautiful and it goes together perfectly... no matter what side of the patterned paper you use!
I actually took a simple approach to the layout because the paper really spoke for itself and didn't need a great deal of embellishment.
This pack is definitely a beautiful addition to the shelves at Scrapville so make sure you get in early as this one is a limited edition!
Happy Scrapping!

Nov 8, 2010

Challenge Update

Hello Creative People,
just a reminder that you now have SEVEN DAYS to get your Sketch Challenges in.  Close off is at pumpkin time on Sunday 14th November, when the next Layout Sketch and Card Sketch will be uploaded.  Don't miss out, there will be a prize to give away...  Please remember that your entry may be turned or flipped, and will be considered for the winning prize so long as we can recognize the Sketch in your layout.

Sketch Winners
.............rounding the final bend at full stretch and heading up the straight for the final lengths to cross the line for, dare I say it, a photo finish................ is the Sketch Challenge Winner's Announcement!  Well, it may have taken a bit longer than that race that stops a nation, but never fear we have a winner!  Actually, thanks to the generosity of the very talented Sandie of Sandie's Handmade Daisies fame, we have several packs of her newest and cutest Li'l Daises to give away.  These are just gorgeous, and have been kitted up in a little prize bundle with some Scrapville goodness added in!  So, without trotting around who actually won, the recipients of these prizes for their Sketch Challenge entries are Deb and SarahCong Rats Girls!!  Please call into Scrapville to pick up your prizes, or alternately they can be posted out (Deb I will email you for details).

Echo Park Monthly Pack & BasicGrey's Extra Pack
The prize for this pack was randomly drawn, and we had to ensure the last winning entry for the monthly packs was excluded from winning again, as they are ineligable to win consecutive months (although we still request that everyone continue to enter so that we can admire all your work).  The winner is Judy, who will also be receiving a wonderful little prize pack.  Cong Rats Judy!

Change of Plan for Monthly Pack Winners.
Starting with the November Monthly Pack I have decided to change the selection process for the winning entry. 
Anyone who purchases the Monthly Pack,
or the Monthly Pack and Bonus Kit,
or the Monthly Extra Pack,
and uses only the products contained in the Pack (with the exception of techniques such as Distressing, Sanding, Sewing, adding Paint/Glimmer Mists, Glitter or Dimentional Magic) will be in the running for a Scrapville $20.00 Gift Voucher (T&C apply).  Only ONE entry per Pack will be accepted for submission.  Anyone submitting more than ONE entry is more than welcome to do so, although only their FIRST entry will be accepted in the Prize Challenge.
The winner will be chosen by Janet and the Creative Team, and the Creative Team Guest, based upon a voting system which merits the standard, quality and originality of the projects submitted.  All votes will remain confidential. 

Anyone who wins a Scrapville $20 Gift Voucher will not be eligible to win the following month's Monthly Pack Challenge.  It is encouraged that you still enter your completed projects so that we can continue to admire your work.

Change of Plan for Sketch Challenge Winners
Starting with the November/December Sketch Challenge I have decided to change the selection process for the winning entry.
Anyone who enters the Layout Sketch Challenge must adhere to the conditions applied.
All entries may use their own products,
may use any techniques,
may turn, flip or rotate the Sketch,
may only submit ONE entry per Sketch Challenge,
must submit an entry that can easily be recognizable to the Sketch provided.
The winner will be chosen by Janet and the Creative Team, and the Creative Team Guest, based upon a voting system which merits the recognized sketch, standard, quality and originality of the project submitted.  All votes will remain confidential. 

I have also decided to introduce the opportunity for the previous Sketch Challenge Winner to be included as part of the voting team for the month FOLLOWING their win.  They will be given one vote, and their vote will remain confidential.
Anyone who wins a Scrapville Sketch Challenge will not be eligible to win the following month's Sketch Challenge.  It is encouraged that you still enter your completed projects so that we can continue to admire your work.

Congratulations Deb and Sarah, you will BOTH be given a vote in choosing our next Sketch Challenge Winner.

Lock These Dates In......... and jump onto PeekVille to see the other Class List...

Saturday, 27th November 2010
Scrapville's First Birthday
10.00am to 4.00pm
Special Announcement on the Day - Our New Guest Creative Team Member

Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th September 2011
Scrapville's 2nd RetreatVille @ Lake Hume Resort
$50.00 NRDeposit being accepted NOW.
Total Number of Attendees 50

Introducing.............. WANDERVILLE!
Wednesday 10th November
1.00pm to 4.00pm
Cost: $5 - Please bring a small plate to share.
Coffee and Tea provided.
Every 2nd Wednesday we will be holding WanderVille, where you can wander on in for a few hours without the kids, grab a chair and catch up on a bit of scrapbooking, card making and crafting whilst you meet up with like minded people who love it as much as you do!
Please ensure you book so that you don't miss out, limited places.

Nov 2, 2010

November Monthly Pack

Hi Everyone,
well here we go, like the race that stops a nation............... we are on the final leg of another year, rounding the straight to Christmas! Yep, only 8 weeks to go and the pace is picking up.

To start off November we have a new Monthly Pack, with a touch of Christmas in mind. The good thing about this pack though, is that it is very versatile and could be used for anything really. The exciting bit of news is that I have chosen the "Christmas Time" range by the newly established lily bee designs. A sneak peek of the kit is below. You will be able to pick up your Monthly Pack on Wednesday when we re-open after a few days off, so be sure to call in and grab one.

November Monthly Pack - Christmas Time - lily bee design
 November Booster Pack

Samples from the Creative Team for the Monthly Pack will be uploaded next week.

If you are interested in getting a November Monthly Pack be quick, as numbers are strictly limited. For those fully paid up Subscriptions, your packs are already safely put aside!


November Newsletter

Hi Everyone, you can check out the November Newsletter now uploaded at the PeekVille link on the right....


Nov 1, 2010

October Layouts and Sketch Challenges

October layouts are still coming in for the Echo Park and BasicGrey packs, and also the Oct/Nov Sketch.
I would like to share these layouts with you from some of the girls who have been very busy of late!  If you still have a layout or sketch from the previous month, we would still like to see what you have done with it.
 Sisters by Di Corbit

Where's Max by Judy Laracy

Glamour Girls by Di Corbit

 The following layouts are for the October/November Sketch, and also the month before.

Cool Dude by Sam Epps

Love Is by Sally Clark - Pg 1
This sketch layout has also been adapted into a double page, as that is what Sally likes to scrap.
Page 2

Tayla by Di Corbit

Now, not to be outdone for lack of time management skills (I'm still winning....) Sally also has a sketch from the previous month.....

A Bygone Era by Sally Clark - Pg 1

Page 2

Thank you to all the girls who entered a layout into the October Monthly Pack Challenge, and the Sketch challenges.  Due to the generosity of our suppliers I have a giveaway for three prizes.
The winners will be announced shortly!