Nov 19, 2010

November Sketch Challenge

Hi Everyone and welcome our samples of the next Sketch Challenge.  Here we have some well rounded layout and card sketches to challenge your imagination.  I am sure they will inspire you all to create something wonderful for yourself.
Layout Sketch

This is what the Creative Team has put together using the above Sketches for inspiration.
My Friend Rusty by Heather Bensley (Guest CT)

This Layout is from Sam Epps using the Sketch as inspiration.

Bubble by Sam Epps

Card Sketch

Heather's Thank You Card

I'll have more to upload shortly.  Don't forget to bring your Challenges into Janet at Scrapville, or you can also email your Challenges in before the close off at midnight on 14th December. 


Sally Clark said...

I am in LOVE!!!! Great LO's and Card girls! Can't wait to try and steal some ME time to get stuck into these sketches.

Nikki xx said...

Just beautiful girls :) I think I might have a go at Missy Melinda's gorgeous sketches too!

Anthea said...

Both LOs are just gorgeous.....really gorgeous, just like the two gals who did them.

Love your card too Heather.

Melinda Spinks said...

Heather and Sam you have both 'rocked' the sketch with stunning layouts!!!
Sally and Nikki, hope you two get some free time to have a go... although you're not alone. I have been wanting to get to my sketch all weekend and I keep getting called out to the paddock... harvest agghhh! Will have a layout to share this week, I promise! :)

Kras said...

Love your card too Heather.