Mar 28, 2010

Blind Scrap Reveal!

Well the girls at the 'Scrapville' store had their very first Blind Scrap last night and it sounds as though there was some fun and games... blind scrap masks, broken sewing machine, borrowed sewing machine to the rescue via masked bandit driving the streets of Wodonga, cheesecake... hmmm sounds like a bit of frivolity was had!

Okay, now for the big reveal of my blind scrapping layout...

Happy Scrapping...

--- And now it is over to Janet and the wonderful layouts from the girls' ---

Boy oh Boy, how much fun did we have last night at the Blind CropVille? HEAPS!!!!
It was a great night, with a great bunch of girls, and from my point of view it was very exciting to see how everyone interpreted each step of the instructions.  Maybe even just a little bit frustrating for some of the girls when I couldn't tell them where to put what.... now that wouldn't be fair, and where's the fun in that!

Just on another note, I almost fell off my chair at Friday's CropVille when I watched one of the girls putting together a layout that was pretty much the same theme we were going to use for the Blind Scrap.  My curiosity in her progress may have been a bit similar to stalking, but I did not follow her out the door, well - not ALL the way to the car anyway!  Alas, she did indeed complete a beautiful patchwork effect layout as a double page - featuring one very expressive little high chair guest at dinner time!!  And in the end, it was different... but my heart did skip a beat none the less, Cass!

To show you all what these clever and creative ladies have done at the Blind CropVille, I have taken a photo of each layout at the end of the night and... as this was a very 'confidential' event it was no surprise that some ladies were indeed masking their identities....







Lastly, we have a blind scrap layout from Rachel who participated via email all the way from WA. Glad you could join in the fun albeit without the cheesecake and bandit masks.
Thank you to all those that participated in the first Scrapville Blind CropVille.  We will be running this layout again as a class, so if you are interested please contact Janet at the Scrapville store, Wodonga or via scrapville email. 
For those interested in attending the Next Blind CropVille, please book in now as there are only a few places left.  It will be held on Saturday, April 24th.  Please note before you book that this is the Anzac Day long weekend.


Melinda Spinks said...

Super job girl, I can't believe how well you all did. Your layouts look wonderful! So glad you had fun and really excited to see that most of you have booked in again for the next one... might just have to increase the difficulty rating!

Rachel said...

Wow, look how different they all were! So glad I was able to participate - shame I couldn't share the cheesecake though, that would have been nice! Hope I can participate again next time too... ;) Great instructions Melinda, thank you!