Sep 27, 2012

1 Hour Challenge

Here's something new we decided to give a whirl at RetreatVille, a 1 Hour Challenge.  Prior to starting everyone was given an envelope with several items of similarity, with a one hour time limit and anything goes, as long as all items from the envelope were used.  For those of you that think this is a very unlikely challenge, try it some time!  Here are the girls efforts.
Love & Cherish by Leigh Morris
2 Nans by Beth Metcalf
Celebration by Delsie Mowbray

Nurse by Kylie Wagstaff
Girls by Jennie Seal (GCT)
Nutsie by Max Rusk
Smile by Sally Clark (CT)

Grow by Lynn Winfield
Happy 26th Birthday Nathan by Zan Boyle
 Emily Eight Months by Leanne Gamze
What a great challenge this was.  The girls all did a fabulous job given the time limit, and I think some may have surprised themselves by being able to use their little surprises as well.  Glad you all had fun!



Nicole McNamara said...

Wow! That would have been a lil hard! The ladies did fantastic!

Anita said...

Fantastic pages girls,love all the doilys...

Sal said...

I have NEVER, EVER managed to do a LO in 1 hour! It was stressful and fun and I think the results were fantastic!