Oct 29, 2011


Yes, we're doing it again girls - ScrapBursts!!  
For the month of November we are going to be running with 4 ScrapBursts, so dig deep and get into that stash, pop into Scrapville and top up your supplies, and lets find that mojo to get your creativity flowing.  You will have until 30th November to complete your challenges.
Only one layout will be accepted for each ScrapBurst
There will be a Prize Pack up for grabs in each ScrapBurst.
Winners will be selected by the Creative Team, and announced on 2nd December.


This layout is to incorporate Metals - this can be embellishments, metal foil, charms - as long as there is a healthly balance on the page you'll be ok.

Ah Ha - and it can be by hand or machine, as long as we have at least 25% of stitching used on your layout, which is more than just the border girls, so get creative!

Ok, following the list you will need to have ALL of the following incorporated into your layout:
1 x bling shape/pattern/word
2 x photos 
3 x frames
4 x patterned papers
5 x brads
    This layout is to incorporate Embossed Papers, whether you add them or emboss your own.  Your layout must include at least 1/3 of EMBOSSED paper/s.

    There we have it, your 4 ScrapBursts for November.  The Creative Team girls have been busy as well working on samples to inspire you with your challenges.  Below are a taste of the first few that I'd like to share with you.
    Key to my Heart by Sally Clark (CT)
    SB #1 Metals
    Sally has used a metal bookplate, key charm, photo holders, heart brad and silver brads.  Sally has used the cut out frame to tie in the punched background hearts that were scattered over the page and then sprayed with Glimmer Mist.
    A closer look at the brads bordering the heart frame.  Added also is the stamped words and flourishes.
    The brass bookplate with it's stamped images, held in place with brass brads.
    My New Sewing Machine by Sally Clark (CT)
    SB #2 Stitching
     ...I think we've covered the 25% bit, don't you?  I can see all the Blind CropVille girls looking at this having a Pink Fit!!   The question is, should they be scared???
    Hand and machine stitching here, with a bit of metal bling and buttons.  This one is also telling the Blind CropVille girls to "Wing It"........ well that's what I saw!
    Sally has also used a few decorative picks, and the standard issue sewing pin on her layout, with the entire page bordering the photo of her snazzy new machine.
     A sample of the decorative stitching easily adapted for borders.  Nice work Sally.
    Love by Sally Clark (CT)
    SB #3 Numbers
     5 Brads, 4 Patterned Papers, 3 Frames, 2 Photos and 1 Bling Word.
    Here we can see the 1 Bling Word, 4 Patterned Papers, 3 Frames... above & below.
     The other 2 Frames and the 2 Photos...

    Ok, that's enough to start with.  You have untilthe endo of November to get your ScrapBurst Challenges in, with a Prize Packs up for grabs in each one.  Good luck everyone, and have fun!!


    DebiJ said...

    Oh another burst of great scrapping challenges - they are all fab!!!

    Love Sally's work, especially the stitching LO....that is my passion at the moment, the machine & paper & fabric...love it!!

    Sal said...

    Look forward to seeing your Scrapburst stitching challenge entry Deb!