Jul 6, 2012

Scrapburst Winners

Hi Everyone, well after much deliberation we have finally chosen our Winners for the ScrapBursts.  Thank you to everyone who took part, it was wonderful to see SOOOO many entries, the inspiration has been amazing.  Thanks also to the CT for painstakingly choosing from all the wonderful creations.  Without further ado, Congratulations go to:

Your layout can only include a combination of Kraft and 2 other Colours. Mix and Match to get them right, but only using these elements.  You may use your chosen techniques BUT in these colours (where applicable)!
My Cait by Delsie Mowbray
Your layout must include a length of Bunting and a Tree.
The Bunting can be any shape or style, but you MUST use MORE than 3.

The Tree can be in the paper, a stamp, screen, chip shape or other - but you MUST have BOTH on the layout.

Autumn by Judy Laracy
This layout is to be Rustic & Raw, including 3 Handmade Items.
Earthy, Rustic tones, Raw products and a mix of 3 Handmade Items on the page.  These items can be of your choosing, but must be a legitimate handmade item.
Music Man by Zan Boyle
You must included this WORD in the Title, or a derivative of this word.
(ie: Eye, Blue Eyes, Big Eyesore, Eyeballing, Eye of the Storm...etc.... hope this helps!)
Your layout must also reflect the theme of the Title.
Birds Eye View by Kylie gW
Part of the ScrapBurst Challenge this time around was also the option to use Scrapville Kits for the ScrapBursts.  If you used a Kit and won, your Kit would be reimbursed.  Well, we had one lucky Kit Winner out of the four, so congratulations to Zan who will receive her prize AND the cost of her Kit back!  The Creative Team were not shown which ScrapBurst entries used Kits when they were making their votes, and it was not mentioned on the Blog, to ensure it was fair on everyone.  I must say that I am very impressed with the number of entries, and the inspiration each and every one has displayed.

Thanks again everyone, and we look forward to the next ScrapBurst Challenges.
Winners can contact Janet at the store to arrange collection of their prizes, well done everyone.



DebiJ said...

Congrats to each one of you gals...what lovely pages.

Kylie gW said...

WOW. Thank u janet. I'm so shocked. I loved the entries in the scrapburst eye challenge! i'll see u soon. congrats to everyone else who won - your pages were amazing. Kylie gw

Claire said...

Well done ladies - it was so difficult to pick some winners!

Anita said...

well done girls it was super hard to pick winners..!!!

Deb said...

Congrats Ladies - each layout was sensational.

Deb ♥