Jul 2, 2012

Monthly Pack & ScrapBursts

These are the last of the June Monthly Pack layouts and ScrapBurst challenges.  I hope you have enjoyed the challenges, and been inspired by the many wonderful layouts created. Please stay tuned for winners shortly.
My Treasures by Jennie Seal
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! by Judy Laracy
Sneak Peek - Delsie Mowbray
Butterfly by Roseanne Cook
SB #1 Kraft & 2 (Pink & Green)
Montana - Big Sky by Delsie Mowbray
SB #2 Bunting & A Tree

 Trees are in the photos and replicated in the corner.
Old Relic by Judy Laracy
SB #3 Handmade (Fence, Frame, Flowers)
Birds Eye View by Kylie gW
SB #4 Wordplay - Eyes
The Eyes Are.. by Delsie Mowbray
SB #4 Wordplay - Eyes
Full Title:  "The Eyes the Windows to the Soul"
Love Is .. Nature by Roseanne Cook
SB #3 Handmade - (Crocheted Flower, Gum Leaves, Frame)
Thanks for playing everyone, we have had so many wonderful creations to share that the Winners will definitely be difficult to choose!



Anita said...

Jennie wow lovely layout,I love how you cut your photo out it looks great..

Judy your layout look amazing with all thoes shoes stamped all over you card stock !love all your fussy cutting too..

Delsie Wow love your sneak peek it looks beautiful..

Roseanne wow super layout love your colours you have used ,cute photo too..

Delsie super layout,great colours and bunting

Judy Wow great layout love the handmade fence and flowers..

Kylie Wow awesome layout love your photos! Totally great layout..

Delsie fantastic layout ,Your photo is absolutely lovely all the flowers and bling look great..

Roseanne super layout ,absolutely love your photo..
Your gum leaves look great..

Claire said...

So great to see such a huge amount of talent on the blog ladies! Jennie your cut photo looks fab against the green mat - it really makes it pop. Judy, your show layout is really unique - I love your shoe bunting and is that stamping over the paper? Delsie, looking forward to seeing the rest of your layout...it looks gorgeous. I like your take on the bunting...perfect for such a rugged guy! Your last layout for the eyes wordplay is lovely. I'd love to know when that photo was taken...it looks very sixties to me! Roseanne - perfect embies for your layout....the photo says it all and your koala layout is very cute. Those gum leaves look amazing. Judy, I love the old photo of the bike and how you've kept with the sepia/aged theme. What fantastic photos Kylie - that owl almost looks human! You've scrapped them brilliantly.
Phew - I've almost written an essay!