Jun 14, 2011

Ticking, ticking, ticking.....

Pumpkin Time is quickly approaching with midnight tonight the close off for the May/June Sketch Challenges to be in.  I have a few layouts to share with you, these from several challenges.

Love by Jennie Seal
Jennie has been very hands on with this layout, putting her skills into punching, stitching and shaping those flowers.  Lovely layout.
A closer look at the beading on the butterfly, and the delicate flowers.
SCRAPBURST #1 - Inspiration
Coconut by Janet Watt
"Check out the Coconut" was inspired by the word, flourishes and colours on the bottle.  The latest blokey word for everyone at our house at the moment is..... Coconut - so I couldn't pass this one up!  He's such a coconut!
Own Babe by Deb Clarke
Deb has used a bit of Mod Podge and Tissue to apply a layer over her patterned paper, giving it a translucent effect, and softening the colours.
Lots of soft and pretty doilies and lace, with some softly flowing ribbons.

SCRAPBURST #2 - Numbers:1,2,3,4,5.
Play by Deb Clark
All checked and accounted for; 1 Word Title, 2 Ribbons, 3 Shapes, 4 Photos and 5 Buttons.

Thanks for sharing everyone, the next ScrapBurst will be up tomorrow, as will the next Monthly Sketch for June/July.

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