Jun 9, 2011

ScrapBurst #2

Hello everyone and welcome to ScrapBurst #2. This week we have a new challenge for you using a few "numbers..."   This week you are going to do a layout based on a list of different items, by number.

So start digging girls, you will have to find all your bits and pieces and do a Layout using the following:
  • 1 word Title,
  • 2 different Ribbons,
  • 3 Shapes (any size, any medium eg chip, flowers, die-cuts etc),
  • 4 Photos (any size) and
  • 5 Buttons (any shape, colour or size)... (for some reason button bird comes to mind??)
You have until the 30th June to have your ScrapBursts completed and emailed or dropped into Scrapville.  Now, for some samples from the girls.

Float by Sally Clark (CT)
Detail of Sally's stitching, and use of ribbon and buttons.  Sally has journalled around the outside of the last row of stitching, albeit a wonky row!  I am somewhat suspicious of the "said floater" too, I reckon his bum is on the ground! ....... but he could have been floating out there for a few days and become beached.... hmmmmm

Hanging by Michelle Rogers (CT)
Michelle's one word title shows her son, Sam, suspended in mid air, clearly "Hanging!"  You almost expect him to reach out and grab you!   All numbers are duly accounted for.
The Jillibean Soup Bakers Twine has combined well to make a handmade ladder and ropes, whilst the monkey in Sam is well matched to the chip shape!    The stamping lends itself well to the background.  Once you've checked out what the girls have done, why not give it a go?  I'm sure you've got lots of inspiration from these two to start with!  And let's not forget, you have until the END of June to get all your ScrapBursts in.

Just to keep you inspired to create, we also have some more samples from to share.  If you haven't yet finished (or started....) ScrapBurst #1, take a look at these.....
 Song & Tap by Michelle Rogers (CT)
Something you will notice about Michelle and Sally is their love for double page layouts to tell a story.
Left side of the double page layout.  Great use of the yellow paint, and the softness of the lace has added a bit of girly pizazz.
This is the Right side of the double page, also showing the layered patterned paper strips and the webbing, with the mini alphas finishing the story.
Michelle has cut flowers from the pp, and I think they look great, a bit of inking to the edges distinguishes them from the daisies.  Beautifully put together.
 Little Dancer by Sarah Cook (CT)
Sarah's attention to the yellow tones in the Inspiration Image of ScrapBurst #1 are a reflection of the colours in the photos of her "Little Dancer", all frilled up in yellows and whites.  She has given them a feel for depth and a softness with the alternating tones in the lace and flowers, the crocheted flower giving it a real burst of brightness.  I love the way Sarah has stamped on the background, also behind the gauze.
 Lots of colour, and the stitched border looks great too.
A better look at the stamping and layered gauze behind the photos.


Sal said...

LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT! Great LO's girls.

DebiJ said...

What a great ScrapBurst Janet! What an inspiration ....cant wait til the weekend. Oh I do love stitching on a LO or card!
Finished No 1 - but never home through the day to take a photo!

Scrapville said...

Fantastic Deb, can't wait to see what you've done.

The girls have come up with some great ScrapBurst layouts, can't wait to share the rest of their work!!