Oct 27, 2010

Scarey Prizes......

Following the hugely entertaining October Blind CropVille, it was frightfully decided that we would do a giveaway...  Melinda has scrutinized the layouts with a fine toothed comb, and doing her darn scariest frown, has announced that the layout that she has chosen as the Closest, Scariest Looking, to the Master Layout.................................................... is to be awarded to Nicole.
Congratulations Nicole on your "Grrr..." layout. You can pick up your Scary Prize Pack from the Scrapville store.

Thanks to all the girls who took part, the layouts all look great, especially since quite a few of you were taken well and truly out of your "colour comfort zones...".  It never ceases to amaze me how different we all interpret and process instructions, and still we end up with great layouts.  Thanks to Melinda for keeping us guessing.

November's Blind CropVille is on Saturday the 20th, and if you are keen to see what this one holds, then book in now whilst there are still a few places available.  With the Afternoon and Evening options now available there is more flexibility with bookings.  Try to get one in before the end of the year!




Sam said...

Congradulations Nicole, and to all the wonderful ladies who took park in the challenge, your layouts look fab!

Anthea said...

WooHoo Nicole. Congrats to you!!!!!! That is one scary looking prize! :D

Melinda Spinks said...

Well done Nicole on a wonderful Blind Crop interpretation. Hope you enjoy your gorgeous spooky prize pack, it is certainly full of goodies!

B's knees said...

Congrats Nicole. What a great page. It was a good fun blind crop.... with spiders AAAARGH.
Heather B

Scrapville said...

A very excited Nicole picked up her Creepy Pack today. I am quite certain that Little Miss (almost 4!) Ashleigh is going to feature in a special spooky dress-up page.... Now that's really going to creep out all those brothers! :0)