Oct 25, 2010

October Blind CropVille

Boo!!  ..........well it is almost Halloween, and if this Blind CropVille was any indication, there were all sorts of spooky things going on................  Another wonderful Blind Crop was prepared by Melinda, with an array of techniques to challenge all present.  Many may have been scared off by the thought of this colour combination, but I am sure they will all change their minds once they've seen what the girls have done..  With only a colour combination to match their photos to, the girls did a great job of making their layouts work with their chosen photos.  You've gotta love that expression on Amber's "Surprised" layout of her perplexed little bubby!  Check it out...

Below is our Master Layout from Melinda, with the layouts from all the girls to follow.  What we DIDN'T reveal at the Creepy CropVille was that Melinda was going to choose a layout to receive a GRUESOME GIVEAWAY, and that will be done tomorrow once Melinda has looked over the layouts!

Check these out.................
Master Layout Reveal by Melinda Spinks (CT)








Judy L


Hope you all enjoy the layouts, and don't forget if you want to book into the next Blind CropVille on November 20th, you will need to pay your deposit to hold your spot.



Melinda Spinks said...

Oh wow, I just love what everyone has done with the crop... well done girls! And... great choice of pics too!

Anthea said...

It was a fun night. Thanks Melinda for preparing it for us - I love how my LO turned out....even if I didn't get it quite 'right'.