May 24, 2010

Stay they are!!

The Blind CropVille layouts will be uploaded later this evening...

Get ready to be surprised!

Ok, I'm back! The theme for the Blind CropVille was based on a shabby layout. This turned out to be an interesting challenge for the girls as some had never attempted anything shabby before. I think even they were surprised at how their creations turned out.

I am loving watching the girls at the Blind CropVilles, and I am learning how to put a new spin on long existing techniques as well. And, whilst there was much humour in the application of these newly tried techniques, it may be a good idea if I stick to my own techniques for a while! None-the-less, the night proved a bit distressing on several levels, and all in a good way!

This is the first of the layouts by:






Marg (Creative Team)
Marg wasn't in-store to do her challenge but we love her take just the same!

And this is the one they were all aiming to look like...
by Scrapville's Creative Team member Melinda.

The girls should all be very pleased with their layouts, I think they all did a wonderful job.  Thanks to Melinda for preparing the layout and instructions.



Anthea said...

Can't wait to see them gals. One of these days I will make it to a blind crop.

Anthea said...

Just beautiful - all of them. Really, really beautiful!