May 11, 2010

KidsVille Mother's Day Class

Well, I finally managed to find that photo........... since the secret's out of the bag and the Kids have given Mum their precious cards and little decorated boxes! The kids all had lots of fun, and were very proud of their gifts.  Below is their photo with their masterpieces in hand!
Pictured is Holly, Indi, Lucinda, Eliza and Emily.
Miss Lucinda is showing us all the Beautiful Card and decorated box (which she hopefully remembered to fill with yummy goodies) that she made for Mum Kylie.  

Well done girls, and I'm sure your Mums were all very proud of your efforts!

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Melinda Spinks said...

So cute... there must have been some very surprised Mum's on Mother's Day. Well done to the up-and-coming crafters.
Melinda :)