May 1, 2010

Miss Caitlin's Challenge

Hello and welcome to Scrapville's very own self provoked first (unofficial) KidsVille Challenge.  Some time earlier I posted a challenge to a dear friend's daughter, who incidentally was bugging her mum to no end whilst she was on a call to me.  I asked her to relay to Caitlin that I was calling from a long way away, and that it was a special time to catch up for us.  I could almost hear the cogs turning through the sudden silence from here......, and then more bugging....

So, I asked her mum if I could set her a challenge to help her understand the importance of catching up with friends so far away.  There was an amazing air of excitement in Caitlin the Brown's house as she eagerly awaited instruction for her challenge - whilst telling everyone she was going to be famous in the same breath!  She was going to be on the Scrapville Blog!    famous.........Maybe she can make me famous??

So up went the challenge in a fleeting white pizza box destined for an excited little girl in Sydney.
Here is what she had to do: 

  • make a layout about far away friendship using the things in the pack,
  • make a card and send it to Janet at Scrapville!!! using the things in the pack.
Miss Caitlin the Brown had the option to send in her layout as well, and I would put it in the shop on display for a month.  If not, I would accept an email with the photo to put on my Blog.

So off went Miss Caitlin in squeals of excitement, still bugging mum to let her get started!  I was hoping they would both have lots of fun creating with their goodies.

...tick, tick, tick................ tick, tick, tick.................. "She's Done!!"  Well, the layout was done, the card is getting done next then put into the mail...........

.................tick, tick, tick.....................tick, tick, tick.............. "She's Done - Again!"
So I am informed by the famous little girl's mother that the card is in the mail, and the layout is soon to follow via email.

Well, you can hardly blame that Postie, it's a long way to go with a card in your postie bag on the back of your Honda 110 all the way to Wodonga from way up in Sydney... yep, it got lost....... ooohhhhh  nooooooooooooooo!

I was ever so fortunate though, to receive this beautiful layout from a soon to be Famous little Scrapper called Caitlin Brown.  She has done a marvellous job, and followed her instructions very well, featuring her cousins that live a long way away, and that she misses and loves.  Just beautiful Miss Caitlin.

So, I am holding up my end of the bargain, and up this layout goes onto the Scrapville Blog.

Thank you for taking part in my challenge Miss Caitlin, and I would be aware of future challenges at Scrapville for a seasoned scrapper like yourself!

Detail of the Flowers

More detail showing the stunning bling crowns.


Melinda Spinks said...

My goodness, I'd better look out or my position on the creative team might be in jeopardy with the talents of this up-and-coming scrapper in the making. Fantastic job Miss Caitlin!!!!

Marg said...

Oh Miss Caitlin Brown your layout is just beautiful...Well done...luv marg xxx

Scrapville said... do know she's now FAMOUS??.... oh yes she is!

Nicole aka nicrus said...

Thank you for letting me be part of this. I'm famous! At least at Scrapville.

I played football (AFL) today and my team won 98 to 0! And I kicked a goal!

Kellyville Magpies ROCKS!


DebiJ said...

What a clever little scrapper Caitlin is....& now she is famous!! How your cousins , you are like twins!!!

Scrapville said...

I am sure that you will be kicking many more goals during your coming years Miss Caitlin. I look forward to it!