May 8, 2010


Hello to all the little people out there that form part of Scrapville's "KidsVille".  For a little while now I have been fortunate to explore my inner child by spending time drawing at the counter with the little people, whilst Mum or Nan have a shop around.  Should those of you yearning for an escape from the echoing "Mum! Mum! Mum!....." be wondering how I survive the little people when you wander around the shop, may I remind you that this is where the creativity begins....  I am sure you all haven't heard the stories I've heard about Buzz's car and the Firemen and the dogs that just don't sit still, and why dad needed a haircut, and the little horse that will take a little boy to Pony Club one day, and the ever so busy social life these little people endure with regular coffee stops with the girls .....  I tell you I am learning a lot!!!  Heaven forbid the hired help forgets that this is routine when I am not around!!  As gratitude for the experience, the little people are rewarded with something special from the Green Box, and their beautiful creations are displayed in Scrapville on the KidsVille display board.

Today I thought I would share with you all some of the wonderful works that have been created by the little people.  Not only do I have drawings, but cards and layouts too, so thank you all little people for leaving me something special in my shop to share with everyone.






During the recent school holidays the little people ventured upon Scrapville for some inspiring crafting and creating.  There was lots of work on layouts, cards, shrinky dinks bookmarks and keyrings.  I managed to capture a snap of the happy "little" scrappers, with some of their masterpieces.

Thank you to Eliza, Indi, Amber, Lucinda, Jess, Jade, Ruby, Mathilda, Jess, Emily G, Emily, Jorja, Alexis, Georgia, Rylee, and Ashton for taking part in the KidsVille classes.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed having you here.

There will be more shortly as I reveal a "Special KidVille" class that was held last night, where no mums were allowed in!  I seem to have lost the photo's until next Monday............

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