Sep 11, 2011


Hi Everyone, a little earlier than expected we have this month's Blind CropVille.  Brought forward so as not to clash with RetreatVille, this class used lovely co-ordinated summery colours to tie in with a Father's Day theme.  Lots of white space, which was challenging for some, a bit of bunting added in, some "light sewing", a bit of embossing with the Sizzix Texture Boutique and the Epic 6, and a fair bit of inking.

I would like to thank Sally for her hard work putting these classes together in 2011.  Not knowing what you are going to get each month can be a little daunting for some, but that IS what a Blind CropVille is all about, totally up to your own interpretation of the instructions.   Below we'll take a look at the Master Layout, and what the girls have done.
My Dad by Sally Clark (CT)
 Sally's boys Alex and Dylan spending time with their dad, Boyd.
 Using the Embossing Folders on the cut out Titles.
A look at the bunting and palcement of the pleating and strips.
Oops by Maxine Rusk
Dad's Girls by Di Corbitt
 My Dad by Jennie Seal
Gar by Roz Langridge
Cheers by Judith Young
Paul by Judy Laracy

And here is one I prepared AFTER the Blind CropVille, just so I can say I did it!!  
 Brunch by Janet Watt (CT)
From the same range of lovely co-ordinating papers I chose to use more reds/oranges and blue so that it could be distinguished from the actual class.  It's so nice to scrap again!!  Thanks again Sally, and all the girls that attended the September Blind CropVille.



Sal said...

Great job girls. Hope you enjoyed doing something a little different.

Sam said...

Looks like you had fun girls, the colours are stunning and I love the banners:)