Aug 10, 2011

More Monthly Layouts to share

Hello everyone, today I would like to share a few items from the August Monthly Pack.  Haven by Jenni Bowlin is proving very interesting in the results from the girls thus far.  All so different, and very pleasing to look at.  It's also nice to see the flowers from the Flower Tech Classes popping up on the layouts and cards along the way.  I'm glad everyone is enjoying the creativity.  Please feel free to leave the girls a comment.

Santa's Little Helpers by Sam Epps (CT)
Sam has used the Haven pack to compliment some hands on detail in her layout!  As you can see, a bit of fussy cutting with the leaves and stems, decorative scissors on the black border, some beautiful flowers from the Flower Tech classes and a mega effort at those stitched circles.  Yes, they are stitched, each and every one!  Sam has also printed her photo onto a Canvas textured paper for a grainier effect.  Well done Sam.
A bit more detail on those flowers.  One is made using the black cardstock, the other using patterned paper sheet music.

For those like myself that have to strain their eyesight a little,you can see the detail in Sam's very fine stitching.
Think by Kylie gW
Well we've all been there, lost in thought and contemplation, and this photo of Kylie says it all.  She just "thinks too much!"  I'm just loving what everyone is doing with this pack, all so very, very different.  Kylie has done some fussy cutting, punching and layering for quite an eclectic look.  I really like how it's come out.
Get Well Soon card by Sam Epps (CT)
Sam's card looks to be a simplistic design, but things aren't always what they seem.  The trims work well with the Kraft, and inking and mounting up the sentiment help it to stand out.  The black cameo chip blends nicely into the background patterned paper, surrounded by that beautiful fine stitching all around the edge. Well done Sam.
A better look at the chip and the stitching detail.

You still have time to pick up one of these packs and see what you can come up with.  The girls have really put their minds into this one, coming up with a different take on each one so far.  We're looking forward to seeing what you can do.


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Sal said...

Love the stitched circles Sam...very effective.
Great LO your work!