Aug 5, 2011

More Layouts for Jul/Aug Sketch

Here we are sharing a few more layouts for the July/August Sketch Challenge.  There's still plenty of time to get your challenges in, Pumpkin Time is still 9 days away.....  Lets look!
Scarfed by Kylie gW
I see you've been playing with your colour sprays again, and it has worked very well.  Love the brightness and all the elements you've added. The bronze around the outside has toned it downwithout taking too much away. Well done.
From Kinder to School by Sarah Wood (GCT)
Sarah has managed to dig around in the school archives and found some of her daughter's original artwork.  How well does that work?!  Loving those chip flowers too.  How quickly they grow.................. the kids!

Keep them coming girls, we want to see what else you come up with.  Thanks for sharing.



Sam said...

Great to see more layouts for this months sketch challenge. I love the colours in your layout Kylie, the bronze around the edge looks great. I love the use of the artwork on your layout Sarah, very effective:)

Sal said...

I have seen both the LO in person and the pics do them NO justice!!! Great work ladies and for those who are able to, get into Scrapville to check these out!!!