May 25, 2011

Check out the Blind CropVille

Here we go people, the much anticipated Blind CropVille layouts.  I hope you enjoy seeing the girls' work as much as they enjoyed doing them.......... eventually!  It still amazes me how differently a photo or the placement of elements can change a layout, especially when everyone has the same instructions and can end up in an entirely different direction.  Always an interesting Crop.  Now, to share the layouts.

Mah Crew by Regan
Mah Crew by Sophie Cook
Mothering by Julie
Nana Roz by Roz Langridge
Mothering by Judith Young
Mothering by Lynne Edwards
Me as a Mother by Jennie Seal
My Mum and I by Max
Me & Mine by Di Corbitt
Mother Duck Says by 'Zan
A Mothers Love by Heather Bensley
Generations by Dawn Collins
Another fabulous Blind CropVille, Sally has done a wonderful job putting this one together - so thanks from us all!


1 comment:

Sam said...

Great layouts ladies! Those trees look fantastic:)