Mar 22, 2011


Hello Everyone, well they did indeed Show Me, Show You and Show Them!  I would like to thank all the lovely people who entered layouts and off the page projects into the Scrapbooking Section at this years Wodonga Show, it was very popular viewing.  How wonderful it is to support Scrapbooking and the Local Communtiy at the same time.

The Extra Exciting news is that we have some Announcements from the outcome. Well done to everyone,and I am very proud to be posting such an exciting result...... below are the names of those who were placed and Highly Commended in the respective sections they entered.  Cong Rats to everyone, and those who Placed FIRST can expect a little something from Scrapville.    I am a tad chuffed that I managed to score a prize, but I don't think she'll pay up!!...... go figure?

Class 15: Family/and or Friends LAYOUT - Single Page
FIRST PLACE: Janet Watt - Black Friday
SECOND PLACE: Sally Clark - Family
Highly Commended: Allana Adrien - Adorable
Highly Commended: Janet Watt - Truckin' Blokes
Highly Commended: Janet Watt - Gasperotti
Highly Commended: Sam Epps - Shades

Class 16: Pets LAYOUT - Single Page
FIRST PLACE - Lauren Higgs - Our Hero
SECOND PLACE - Nikki Antonello - Best Friends

Class 17: Holidays LAYOUT - Single Page
FIRST PRIZE: Sally Clark - Bygone Era
SECOND PRIZE: Rosanne Boyle - NT Flora
Highly Commended: Sam Epps - Memories
Class 18: Off The Page - Using Scrapbooking techniques, but applying them to a small article; eg: Box, Treasure Chest, Small Frame etc.
FIRST PRIZE: Sally Clark - Decorated Tin
FIRST PRIZE: Nikki Antonello - "Remember" Noteboard

2011 Most Successful Exhibitor Section 47: Sally Clark

Congratulations again to all the above winners, the Highly Commended, and to our Most Successful Exhibitor Winner.  I am very proud of you all, and to everyone else who shared their beautiful work by allowing Scrapville to put your entries in.

Thank you to the Ladies at the Show who assisted with the entries, the collection, and looked after our precious entries on the day.  I am looking forward to being much more involved next year.




Sal said...

Way to go girls!!! I don't envy the judges their job as the work that I saw from Scrapville entrants was just FAB-U-LOUS! Start planning now for an even bigger and better show next year.

B's knees said...

Well done to all the girls who won prizes and also to Sal for being the most sucessful exhibitor. It is a great venue to be able to show all of our work to non-scrappers. Maybe we will see a few newbies. Thank you Janet for your co-ordination.
Heather B.