Mar 22, 2011

March Blind CropVille Revealed

The March Blind CropVille had the girls stitching, painting, stamping, violently scrunching and having a little play with some bleach.  With Sally taking on the classes for the day the girls got every chance to tweak and examine their techniques used.  Time proved a little short on this one, so their will be some finishing off at home with .................... yes, a bit more stitching!  I can see the need for more whip cracking next time!  

As you will see from the Master Layout the title had been traced and bleached out, and was then stitched around the outline.  This is something that  the girls were given an option on, due to time limits.  Most will be re-done when they get them all home.  The pregnant lady will also bring her layout into the store when she remembers where she put that photo.............. I have no doubt what-so-ever that it will be a stunning layout once it's all together!

Also, due to Show Stoppers dominating a very proud position in Scrapville's Front Window, the Blind Crop Layouts are now located on the Wall of Fame inside the store for this week.  Once they are returned to the Front Window they will remain there until the next Blind CropVille on April 16th.

Master Layout - Believe by Sally Clark
 Detail of the Quilled flourishes, flowers and stitching.
 Detail of the Bleached Title, the stamping around the edges with the Bleach, and flourishes.
Beauty by Maxine
Weir by Lynne Sleet
Both our young attendees (Sophie & Regan) opted not to stamp around the edges with the bleach, giving their layouts a fresh, sharp look.  I hope they get to add that stitching at home to finish off.  Well done girls.
Freeze by Sophie Cook
What by Regan Bosic
My Car by Jennie Seal
Unity by Roz Langridge
Muster by Lynne Edwards
Bliss by Di Corbit
Together by Nicole Carty

I really liked Lynne's stitched flourishes (Muster), and Nicole and Lynne S have done a pretty good job with the bleached flower stamping around the edges.  Whether the girls choose to finish off their titles as is or add to them, I like how Di's turned out with the stitched outline. It ties the stitching in and defines the title a bit better.  The Quilling was something new as well, and the girls used a few different styles to get their flourishes, circles or hearts right for their pages.  Well done everyone, and thanks again to Sally for covering the BCV's for me.




Michelle Rogers said...

Some gorgeous layouts, missed another good Blind Crop, hope to make the next one... Love the stitching and the flowers...

Sal said...

What a fun day! It was great to be the one cracking the whip this month and I hope everyone enjoyed creating their LO as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Great work ladies and great to see some younger 'ladies' joining in this month.

Sam said...

Wow! What a great blind crop this month Sal, the girls have had a real play with a few new techniques and they all look fantastic...... I love the stitching:)