Jul 18, 2010

July Blind CropVille

The July Blind CropVille once again proved to be an entertaining event, with some wonderful outcomes. The girls all set out on a trail of cutting, distressing, paper crimping and sewing to complete their layouts in record time!  Just as well there were Scones with jam and cream waiting!!!  Have a look at Melinda's Reveal, then see how it compared to what the girls all came up with.

Thanks to Melinda for the Layout Design, and Sally for sitting in on the class to help the girls with "intrepretations..."  We're glad to see you and your family arrive back home safely after a monumental trip across America....... and a gazillion photos to scrap!!!

Melinda (CT) Mud Pies - Original Layout

Allana - Adore

Heather - 2 of Us

Jennie - My Family

Julianne - Sisters

Judy L - Marie

Judy Y - Cute - Brielle

Roz - Eb (Ebony)

Tina - Just Smile
Thanks girls for taking part in July's Blind CropVille, and creating such beautiful layouts.

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