Jul 27, 2010

A Few More Monthly Layouts...

I have just uploaded some more Sassafras Lass Pack layouts for you all to see.  The colours in this pack are just brilliant, and I love the colour combinations everyone has used.  Nothing has been straight forward with this pack, and each one is more exciting than the last!

The bunting using the corrugated cardstock has come up a treat on Jennie's layout.  The fence, hessian and strands of hessian on the flower stalks have all worked into the theme of Jennie's kinder photo.

With Sally being away on her family holiday for so long without scrapping, I guess she has managed to find her Mojo somewhere...............  she has gone off and has sent in several layouts to share using the Sassafras Lass pack.
Sally - Love
 Sally's layout  has not used much of the patterned papers, but it is still effective enough before you even look at the stitching!  Nice work on that flourish Sal.  I like how it's come together - lots of space for you too!
Sally - Sunset Pg 1
This is quite an interesting contrast to the above layout with the natural tones of the kraft being a nice balance to the mosaic of patterned squares.  And how cool is that crimped cardstock?
Sally - Sunset Pg 2
Side by side this double layout ties together with the crimped over-stitched cardstock and the patterned squares.  The hessian adds to the natural feel of the beach. Looks very inviting!
Roz - Eb Pg 1
 Roz practically bolted out of the shop with this pack!  "I've got just the photos" she tells me, and well, she wasn't wrong!  Ebony features beautifully in the layouts with the lovely music paper background, and musical shapes.  Great contrast with the heart punch and flowers.
Roz - Eb Pg 2
Have you noticed how much brighter this page is, and yet it's softened by the flowers and that youthful musician!  Again, that music paper just works so well with this pack, and the chip musical notes and letters tie together nicely.  Well done.

We are four days away from the next months packs, and I am itching to see who will take out the $20 Scrapville Gift Voucher for the July Packs.  One winner, one prize, Janet's selection.......  are you in the running?  Time is ticking.....................
And thanks for sharing girls, loving all your work and creativity.

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Melinda Spinks said...

Some seriously cute layouts there... love the bunting Jennie, and Sally your stitching is divine, Roz the music notes are too cute indeed!