Jan 29, 2010

Three More Came Through The Door!

Well how nice was that?  We have below three more layouts for the Sketch Challenge, and they all came right through the front door!!  Well done girls, and I'm loving how different they all are.

Firstly is a layout from Heather Bensley.  Using lots of white space, Heather has stitched around the border and added a bit of bling for dazzle along the way.  The flowers are just so gorgeous, and really give the page impact.

Heather Bensley

Secondly we have Cassie's layout, using multiple photos of her gorgeous little girl.  This is often a challenge in itself to get so many photos on the page.  And Cassie has used little groups of bling on the page to tie in with the sketch.

Cassie Van Malsem

And lastly we have a belly rumbling entry from Kaylene.  Focusing on the culinary skills of her subject, this layout draws you into the colour theme, with nicely inked and rolled edges adding a nice touch to the inner frame.  I like what you've done with the hand made flowers too, very nice.


Great effort girls, they all look great!  For all you other girls looking, you have until pumpkin time on Friday 14th to get yours in - so COME ON!!!!!  Get EXCITED, there's a prize involved!  I have lots of big brown boxes to dive into and find things................ really, it's no trouble............


Marg said...

And all gorgeous.....Great work...and great to see so many participating......luv marg xx

Cassie VM said...

Heather B - I just LOVED your layout when I went in to Scrapville yesterday. I loved your little yellow flowers, and the negative space of you LO. Fantastic :D
Kaylene - your LO is so vibrant and fun! It made me smile, which in my mind, makes it a fabulous LO. Well done :D

Scrapville said...

Cassie, how could you not love that gorgeous layout of that little girl and her daddy? Thanks for bringing it into the shop, and adding to our Sketch Challenges.


Deb said...

Love that white background heather...you LO just pops out!

Beautiful work Cassie - love the orange & pink together.

And love the content Kaylene - great idea!

Heather Wynack said...

WOW, glad i'm not the judge, so many different takes on one sketch and all so so wonderful, love the flowers on Heathers, the colours on Cassies and what a subject too too cute and Kayleen your paper choice for your subject and photos is just fantastic. As i said love them all

Anthea said...

I love all of these LOs. I especially love the colours in all of these LOs...orange is a fav. I can't believe how so many different LOs are coming out of one sketch. Very cool.