Jan 30, 2010

Something Special

Hello Fellow Scrappers,
well tonight I have made arrangements with a "minor" to submit something to the blog.  Somewhat disheartened at the idea that Victorian time is somewhat vastly more extensive than that of the residents in the New Welsh-ian area ( if there is such a thing.....),  I bade her the lure of a contest to commit to submit.  Whilst her mother, the Social Gem of Amore, was committed to the telephonic connection of friendship to Scrapville, Caitlin the Brown was duly set a task of artistic projection for due completion of cyber global recognition.  The inner-amorous-expulsion she exhibits for Scrapville, and it's peers, will surely be displayed in this worldly recognizable piece of art.  By golly I can't wait for THAT Miss Caitlyn!!!

Stay tuned, and we shall all see the workings of creativity in it's fullest innocence of youthful potential................... Miss Caitlin............the Brown!

Will, ...........wait your turn!!



Nicole aka nicrus said...

Miss Caitlin is very excited! She keeps chanting "I'm going to be famous!".

Got to love her enthusiasm for life, and for scrapbooking!

Stay tuned...

Scrapville said...

Oh, I can't wait!!!

Deb said...

I'm waiting too - to see the wonderful Missy Caitlins work...she is a gem!