Jun 11, 2014

June Post #2

Hello everyone, here we have more creations from our Begginers Scrapbooking Classes.  You may think that you are going to be limited by what you come up with in the Beginners Classes, but these classes are full of helpful  tips and assistance, ideas and alternatives.  The girls' finished projects are always an unexpected result, as they add a variety of photos and touches that make them so much more than a class project.  It's great to step back and see how happy everyone is with their end result.

Here we have the class project, and one done after to show how easily it is to change things up.  I loved what the girls did in the class, and although I don't have them to show here, their choices in Washi worked in with their photos brilliantly.
Beginners Scrapbooking Class - Washi Tape
Zan Boyle
Janet Watt (CT)

Thanks for looking.


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