Nov 1, 2013

A New November ScrapBurst

Well it's that time again, are you ready? We are about to embark on our next round of ScrapBurst Challenges for 2013. And because our Card Bursts were so successful we're sticking with them too! I hope everyone is getting their inspiration into check and ready for the challenges, it's sure to be lots of fun.

Firstly, we need to cover a few Challenge Rules.
You can only have one entry in each Challenge (4 x ScrapBursts, 4 x CardBursts)
The entry must be your own work
The entry must meet all the requirements of each Challenge to qualify
You may add Techniques to your Challenges such as:
· inking
· painting/texture
· misting/masking
· stamping
· stitching/sewing
· die cutting
· embossing
· distressing
· handmade

There will be a BONUS PRIZE for any Winning entry who has used a Darkroom Door stamp.
ALL ScrapBurst and Card Burst Challenge Winners will receive a Prize Pack.
The ScrapBursts commence 1st November and Close Pumpkin Time Friday 6th DECEMBER. We figure anyone who enters both sections may require more quality time to get all their Challenges done!
Entries can be taken into the Store at Scrapville, or emailed in here.
If you require further information, please email Janet at Scrapville. 

I hope you are as excited about these Challenges as Scrapville is, they are certainly giving you a great set of challenges to tackle! Now, let’s all have a look and see what has to be done! Good luck everyone.

First up, we have a THEME for all these ScrapBursts..................... RURAL

Your photos and layout must have a Rural Theme, so something indicating farming life, the land, it's people, natures effects on the Rural environment and so on.
Your Layout must include the following items as indicated in each challenge:

1x Word Title
2x Types Of Distressing
3x Photos
4x Patterned Papers
5x Things The Same

Your layout must include a RURAL *photo of someone or animals.  Dogs, sheep, cows, Old Mate on the farm, the fence, the shovel!, Nanna feeding the chooks, the lambs or the shearers..... let your imagination go!
*You may use a photo stamp image instead of a photo.

The theme of this layout should portray the Rustic side of Rural Life/things/scenes with a focus on making it look weathered and / or metallic. This is your chance to grunge it up a bit, and give it some character. Use those old photos of the tractor, machinery, gates, fences, the dust storm, the old Dodge or hay cart, the historic homestead, the paddock basher or even the old outback you know what!

Your photo must represent Nature in an element of what is good or what is not. Featuring Mother Nature’s effects on things such as fire, wind, rain, flood, regeneration, new crops, flowers, growth… there really is a lot to consider. I’m sure this will open up a variety of interpretations.


Please make sure all your cards have a Sentiment on them. Cards can be any size you choose, and must be your own design. You can also add other bits and pieces to your cards, but they MUST have the requirements listed below.

1X Fence/Gate
2X Layers
3X Patterned papers

4X Stamped images
Don’t forget your sentiment.

You must use a Rural photo or stamp of either an Animal or Bird on your Card.

The card must include greenery of some kind: leaves, flowers, branches, grass, vines, tree or similar.
This must relate to the Rural theme, so pull out those chickens, dogs, horses, cows, sheep.
Or maybe the crocodiles, alpacas, ducks, camels, the Old …..rooster (little steggler..).
What about your pet donkey or go for a few of the farmers favorite birds, cockies, parrots…… or maybe an eagle, the little bush birds, the odd emu – all sorts of stuff to choose from!

Use 2 different Textures on this card

(embossing, textured papers, paint, gesso, fabric, webbing etc).
Attach a Tag with the Sentiment on it.

The card must have either Red or Orange on it, or both.
Have 2 metal embellishments.

For this challenge your card must focus on Rural Flora.

(I will also accept crop plants/seeds/grasses as well as the flowers).
It must have stamping, a doily and one decorative edge.

Good luck everyone, and don't forget, Pumpkin Time 6th December. Let's get cracking!


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