Dec 28, 2012

December Layouts

Hi Everyone, hope your Christmas was an enjoyable and memorable occasion.  As we now approach the end of yet another year, we would like to share a few layouts with you.  A little inspiration whilst we wind down from all the festivities is sure to keep the excitement ticking - until we can get back into it all!
December Monthly Pack
Windswept by Deb Pulford (CT)
Dec/Jan Sketch Layout
Year 10 Awards by Deb Pulford (CT)
There will be more to share before the end of the year, so stay tuned!



Anita said...

These look great Deb,lovely layouts...

Claire said...

Very pretty Deb - like how you've done the semi circle with the twine for the sketch layout...

DebiJ said...

I think that Deb's 'Windswept' is one of the lovliest photos & pages I have seen! Just touches me!

And the apple in her Year 10 awards...tops this great LO off just right!