Jun 15, 2012

ScrapBursts Half Way Mark

First up I would like to say that I have had some issues with Blogger and have been unable to Post.  I finally got it sorted so will have a few posts to run to catch up.  Apologies if you have been waiting to see your creations.
Well we are now half way through our ScrapBursts, with the close off Pumpkin Time June 30th.  If you haven't yet entered your challenge, and there's 4 to choose from, you still have plenty of time to get creative.  Scroll on down for some inspiration to see what has been created this time.
Pose by Rita Russello
SB #1 Kraft and 2 (Lime & Green)
Great use of the hexagons Rita, the combination of the colours works well.  The white space of the layout looks great too.
Little Miss by Jennie Seal
SB #2 Bunting & A Tree
The fussycut lanterns look great as a bunting, and the crisscross style is effective. Each lantern is tied separately, and the wooden tree left raw has blended in well with the colour theme. The lace and doiley add an extra softness to the layout for a girly "little miss" page.  Well done.
Hung Out to Dry by Zan Boyle
SB #2 Bunting & A Tree
Zan has used your pelment style bunting, incorporating a windblown title. The trees at the bottom of the layout have been masked and sprayed with Glimmer Mist, the colours blending in with the layout's theme. The chip gumleaves have also been lightly misted to tone in. Well done.
Look by Deb Pulford (CT)
SB #3 Handmade (Calico Flowers, Frame, Flag)
"The Calico Flowers are handmade, as is the Hessian Flag and Photo Frame. The layout is rustic and raw, and I have used some corrugated board as well as hessian, and left the wooden alphas raw."  Deb.  I love your colour theme Deb, the rawness is a nice touch for a closeup pic of mum and bub.  The embellishments give it a simplistic look and feel, which I think is great.  Well done.
Sisters by Jennie Seal
SB #3 Handmade (Flowers x 3 types, Leaves, Photo Frame)
The torn border on the patterned paper looks great against the paper, the border punched photo frame looks great, balancing out that gorgeous cluster beneath the photo.
The butterflies have been fussycut to the bodies so that they pop out from the page. Very effective with the black cardstock underneath.
Three varieties of handmade flowers, the gorgeous distress leaves and lace bracket border.
Apple of my Eye by Anita Bownds (CT)
SB #4 - Wordplay "Eye"
"I've used an A4 sized bit of cardboard, cut out a square hole to put the photo behind, then covered the cardboard with patterned paper over the top."
Then I added a strip of patterned paper on top of a border punched strip, and popped it on double sided tape at the bottom of my layout frame.  I then added the red lace trim at the top and bottom of my layout frame."
"I've also added a flower with leaves and a big red Apple to go with my Title."
Using the diecut apple as part of the title is yet another wordplay, and a great idea for younger pages.  Well done Anita.
Through Nature's Eyes by Jennie Seal
SB #4 - Wordplay "Eye"
What fantastic photos, the detail on the rose is great, and that spider web is unreal.  It is so much better in person!  The Web Border and Masking behind the photos looks great too.  Well done Jennie.

Well what do you think of these lovely creations?  The girls have all done a great job, and their take on the ScrapBursts has been great.  We still have more to share, so stay tuned.



Deb said...

Rita, love your colour scheme with the Kraft - gorgeous. Jennie, I love the fussy cut and tied lanterns as the bunting - wonderful idea. Zan, the masking and misting is fabulous. What a great idea Jennie, to cut out the flutterbies and back with black. Love your handmade flowers as well. Gorgeous colours in your layout Anita. Love your apple. Stunning photos Jennie, with great punched borders.

All in all, fabulous layouts ladies - keep the inspiration coming

Deb ♥

Claire said...

Your colour scheme works really well with your photo Rita and I love your string of lanterns Jennie. Gorgeous masking Zan! Lovely and rustic handmade elements ladies. Jennie - those photos are amazing!

Nicole McNamara said...

Anita, you stole my wordplay! =P I just finished my layout today with the title 'apple of my eye'.
Great layout ladies

Scrapville said...

That's it Nicole - now we HAVE to see it!! :0)

Anita said...

Rita love them hexagons,and the colours you have used..

Jennie lovely layout your bunting and tree are fantastic,totally cute photo..

Zan wow kool mistin of them trees they look awesome, reminds me of when i was a kid that how we had our washing line..lol great job with this layout

Deb wow that layout looks super love all the bits of hessian you have used and the calico flowers look great..

Jennie wow love that paper you have used i love butterflies your flowers and leaves look great..
your through natures eyes layout looks awesome with all them punched out borders and misting behind the photos,cute little spider too..

Anita said...

lol nicole cant wait to see you awesome layout..!!!