Apr 15, 2012

The Final Mar/Apr Sketches

Hi everyone, here are the final challenges for the March/April Sketches. Class commitments prevented me from getting this up earlier, but alas they did beat the pumpkin!
Sweet Tooth by Nicole McNamara
Chloe has obviously got a sweet tooth, and we all recognize the "without" photo as we imagine ourselves sitting there and not having chocolate! The colours work well together and the bees are very cute!
A light twisting of the ribbons adds a bit of softness and dimension to the page.
First Day of School by Roseanne Cook
Although a bit hard to see, the glittered border strips look great, as does the red machine stitching around the photo frames. The coloured pencils add a nice touch to school photos, and this sketch is a great way to get those photos on a page.
For You Card by Roseanne Cook
Roseanne has stamped and coloured her images, added scrunching, inking and mounting with lots of white space. Lovely colours.
 Fab Four by Melany (Naples)
"This is a LO named the Fab Four, because here I am with my boyfriend and our two dearest friends, Walter and Mario. They come from Rome (and I live in Naples). And they spent my birthday bash weekend with me."

We will be announcing winners in a few days, so stay tuned. In the mean time check out the NEW Sketch Challenges!



Claire said...

Yet again it will be hard to pick a winner! Some lovely interpretations of the sketch and great colour schemes!

Sal said...

Nicole...LOVE the bee theme and the hexagon shapes and border. Lovely bright and happy LO.
Roseanne...LOVE the pencil border across the bottom of the LO and the card has come up beautifully.
Melany...LOVE the pinched borders across the bottom of the Lo and beneath the photos. Looks like a beautiful place to visit.

Rita said...

Sorry .. but my layout has never been published ... why?
the link is in the comments of the challenge .. it is wrong to put them?

Scrapville said...

Hi Rita, you need to email the image or link to scrapville@iinet.net.au and they are uploaded from Scrapville.
Apologies for the confusion, please email me.