Dec 15, 2011

December/January 2012 Sketches

Hi Everyone, welcome to the new Sketches for the end of 2011.  This one is due in by midnight on 14th January 2012.  I hope you all find time to have a play once the seasonal festivities are over.  Our samples will be up shortly.
December / January Layout Sketch
 December / January Card Sketch
Don't forget everyone, pumpkin time on January 14th!!



Sal said...

Interesting sketches Janet...can't wait to have a few moments to play with these ones!

Scrapville said...

Hey Sal, can't wait to see what comes in with this one!
I hope everyone finds time to play...

Deb said...

Great sketch - havent worked with circles like that for a long time. Cant wait to get this one done

Deb ♥