Jul 12, 2011

Off The Page with Graphic45

Hi Everyone, today I would like to share some Off The Page projects that the girls have done.  I might add that the girls both came up with the idea separately, so very similar ideas about what this range inspires.  I will also add the cards the girls have done at the end of the post.
Frame with Family Quote by Sam Epps (CT)
Sam has used the quote on the patterned paper, with some messy stitching around the border which looks very effective.  The frame has been inked to distress the look, and blends in well.

I love this bunch of flowers and leaves, along with their mousy little friend!  The layering and detailed cutting makes it very realistic.
The fairy at the top has been nicely fussy cut, with Sam inking the cut edges to take away the whiteness of the paper.  It has also helped to make the fairy stand out more easily when looking at the frame. 
 Lilliarna Photo Frame by Michelle Rogers (CT)
Michelle has also used muted tones on her frame to highlight the images and draw focus to the photo, and I love how the fairy on the flower looks like she may take flight any moment....
The edges have been decorated with the patterned paper, and the little picket fence just seems to blend in with the theme.
The title on the frame has worked perfectly on the banner, and even more gorgeous with the bird pulling it along.
 Joy Card by Sam Epps (CT)
Sam's card has used several elements from the pack on the card, and they have come up a treat.  With the ric rac cleverly used as a border you would be hard pressed to think it was scalloped paper!  The latte trim has made a gorgeous bow, and the little flower butterfly at the bottom is just delightful.  The quilled body adds something new to the mix.
Once Upon a Springtime Card by Michelle Rogers
I love the tones in Michelles card, and the use of the chocolate webbing with the picket fence just blend so well.  It seems that fairy is jumping from one project to the next..........

Well done girls, beautiful work and so inspiring.  Don't forget to leave the girls a comment to let them know what you think.  I will be uploading more shortly.



Sal said...

Great job girls!!! I bet they look even better in real life...drop into Scrapville to see them

Michelle Rogers said...

Thanks Sally, there is so much you can do with this pack especially if you love cutting...