Apr 20, 2011

April Blind CropVille

Hello Everyone, welcome to our April Blind CropVille - with a hint of Easter!  Another great class put up by Sally, with Easter the theme this month there was lots of cutting, mounting up, and the girls got to play with embossing folders.  Great to see how they put them all together, and once everyone's photos were added on we can see once again how easily they can take on another look. Here's what they all created.......

Roz Langridge
 Judith Young
 Jennie Seal
 Nicola Boyd
 Nicole Carty
 Heather Bensley
 Di Corbitt
 Dawn Collins

Well done girls, thanks for coming along.  A special thank you to Regan who was our youngest attendee, sitting quietly and working away happily.  And when it comes down to it, yes a Well Done to Dawn, who sat on the other end of the "age scale" and scrapped her first Blind CropVille as well.  Oh dear, and Sammy and Bethany and Nicola............. Welcome and thanks for coming!  To those occupying the "Naughty Corner" of the classroom, (...heads up - 2 tables, 4 corners!!) ... you know who you are! - glad you were there.

Our May Blind CropVille is booked in for the Saturday 21st, and with Mother's Day quickly approaching I am sure this is going to be a very nice and special BCV.  Don't forget to book.




Sam said...

WOW! Ladies they look fantastic, it looks (and sounds hehehe) like you had a great time, and I'm sure they got you in the easter spirit, they make me want to eat lots of naughty chocolate lol!!! I can't wait to see what's up for next month........

Michelle Rogers said...

Great Easter Layouts, some gorgeous pages and photos... Always love seeing the end results from each Bling Crop...

Sal said...

GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!! I just love to see all the variations that come from the same instructions. xox