Sep 22, 2010


Hi Everyone, sorry about wagging the Blog lately, but I'm back at last from Retreat and gearing up for the little people's School Holiday KidsVille tomorrow.

The little people will need to bring in their trimmers, adhesives and a 5x7 or smaller photo for the class.  Once you've finished the class you can have a free scrap, so bring along something extra.

................... wagging doesn't always pay off, there's so much more catch up on now!!!



Pinky Higgs said...

Goodness me!

You are a saint for doing that workshop Janet! I popped into the shop for more flowers today...surprise, surprise,... and it was exciting MAYHEM!

There were lots of happy little people very proud of their creations!

I herd you out the back madly cricuting away! Lol!

I hope you get a well deserved rest tonight :)

- Pinky

Scrapville said...

It's a good thing they're all good kids Pinky, or I might have ended up in the nut house! They did some wonderful layouts though, talented little people they are!